Alright im currently talking VitaminShoppe Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein?

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My first question is: Alright I'm currently talking VitaminShoppe Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein?.

My next question is: There are alot of methods out there for the use of GH and other peptides..


As we all know by now there is no ONE best way to use GH as we are all different and therefore react differently, I have tried most methods and cannot really see much diffrence between the methods when we are talking about GH alone..

I am trying a new method at the moment where you take your whole weekly dose in one shot on a Sunday night with a small top up on the Thursday night, The theory is that by injecting a massive amount of gh exogenous you will stimulate a huge natural release to follow as sort of a rebound effect. There is some thought that a huge dose will taper off rapidly leaving you in a valley that the body will try to recover from by release more of your natural gh to compensate..

I have been doing this for three weeks and I am holding both my weight and condition although I have been on PCT for 5 weeks......

So if you are taking 4iu's ed then on a Sunday night you take 24iu's then on Thursday take 4iu's top up..

There are other similar methods that have you using a large amount every 3rd day the key to both theory's is that you do not raise your weekly amount you just jab it all in one shot or split it into 2-3 shots..

So for this method you would split the 28iu's(4iu's ed) into 2-3 shots taken through the week..

Both these methods are mainly used for mass more than fat-burning although you will get some fat burning from both methods..

In my opinion the best way to use GH for fat-loss is to use ed injections.....


Now I am by no way advocating that anybody uses Slin as you really need to understand both how slin works and how your body reacts to carbs so that you do not risk your health..

The best way I have found to use these two together is to inject both in the same pin Intramuscular PWO bilaterally the results I got where nothing short of amazing again the theory behind this method is that the GH and Slin create a huge IGF-1 release when taken together and because of the very short half life of IGF-1 PWO is by far the best time to take them..

Guys I am not saying you should use these methods but for you to realise that there are more than one way to build muscle, the good thing is that in the first two methods you don't use any more GH than you normally would you just use the amount in a different way.....


It makes me really annoyed that alot of guys are using this peptide as a way of side stepping using steroids don't misunderstand I am not advocating the use of steroids but I really believe that IGF-1LR3 is an advanced peptide that should be used by those who have reached a certain level with steroids....sorry about the rant....

Again I have trailed alot of methods over the 2yrs I have used this peptide the biggest issue with this peptide is the duration of it's use unlike GH where the results are better the longer you use it IGF-1LR3 can only be used for a short time of between 4-8 weeks due to cells saturation..

For beginners 20 - 50mcg's 5 days a week is a good place to start because you are using it nearly every day 5 weeks is pretty much as long as you can use this method without the gains stopping this method the injections should be taken bi-laterally PWO..

For the more advanced Bodybuilder I have found the best method is a higher amount less frequently the method I have just tried with good results is 120mcg's split through the day 2 days on 2 days off this method can be used for longer periods as the cell saturation does not occur as quickly as using IGF-1LR3 ed.......

Any questions guys feel free to ask.......

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I did ask the omega labs dude about the cancer thing and it seems unless you already have a cancer(growth I beleive would be accelerated)it doesnt cause it..


Given that theres no long term research........

I personally cant see why everyone and their mum on the boards these days seems to be doing it..

I`m not having a pop at competitors more at the disbelief of normal board members(from wherever)..

I even know one dude(member here)who did igf for his first cycle..

I also know of a top competitor who altho he`d vaguely heard of it didnt know much about it!..

Comment #1

Kind of.....

The belly bloat is partly caused by the fact that the intestines have a high density of IGF receptors, which are targeted by all three of the above mentioned peptides, but is exacerbated by the fact that an increased need ( and consumption) of carbs and proteins are required/consumed. The extra food-intake/volume holds fluid & blood in the intestines giving a much greater level of distention. This level of force feeding required by modern day 'athletes' gives the body very little option, but to retain the excess somewhere. Believe me , your intestines can hold 30-50lb of food...if you doubt this fact, just consider how much weight you lost the last time you got food poisoning....or if anyone has ever had a colonic you will know you can be 15lbs lighter after just one treatment...I honestly think this will be the method for 'abdomen control' used by professionals within the next 12 months or so.....if they can bear the loss of so much 'weight'......

Comment #2

So the next logical question follows,.

Do you think the distended midsection so prevalant today is reversable after discontinuation of these hormones ? .

My two cents, yes I absolutely do think so...

Comment #3

Based on the reply Neil gave it would certainly seem so. The body is a marvelous device and able to adapt and regenerate phenominally..

If I'm right in my thinking - all the damage smokers have done to their lungs can be corrected by not smoking for something like 10 years.....

Comment #4

From what I have read Bone growth is more apparent when these doses are used ed this method of using a one off shot is unlikely to cause these sides...

Comment #5

I understan what you mean but in the early 70/80's it was stated by the medical proffesion that steroids caused cancer.......

Comment #6

I know of one Pro who used yoga to develop a vacum effect on his midsection through ab control and he is 300lbs......

I do agree with what neil says in the fact that it is not just one thing that cause distention if it was everyone would have it if they used this product I have always been of the belief that the high amount of food some eat contribute massivly to the problem...

Comment #7

In the year I did not use any steroids (2005/6) I used GH eod and cycled IGF-1LR3 4on 6off throughout the year when I dieted in 2006 with out gear my waist was smaller than 2005 by 2inch's if peptides where such a big contributer then I should of had the same size waist or even bigger seeing as this was the first time I had used both peptides for this duration.......

Comment #8

Lol pscarb and all this time I thought you went a year drug free and then won your show...

Comment #9

Nope mate and never ever said I did I have always said I never used any gear for the 11months never said anything about GH/IGF..

Comment #10

For Paul, (sorry if no-one else understands the question ).

The only question I would have regarding this new method of use, pertains to the fact that the predominance of research surrounding GH use, shows that the major part of the positive effects is directly correlated to it's subsequent conversion to the various growth factors IGF-1, IGF-2 IGF-3 etc, and is a rate limiting process, dependant, predominantly, on the levels of requisite enzymes and the appropriate amount of insulin present for the required conversion. The research also shows that GH , in isolation, has next to no effect whatsoever; therefore, I assume, this new 'method' is bases on much more recent research indicating that Gh does , in fact, have an independant modus operandii which, as of yet is not widely known. As such, do you know where this research is from?? As theoretically, the method is hugely flawed, as, even assuming one were lucky enough to have the requisite amount of converting enzymes, one would, nevertheless need roughly 100ius of insulin for the 28iu's highlighted within your example, which would , subsequently neccessatate 700-1000g of carbs to neutralize?.

Summat to ponder..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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