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Hi all,.

Has anyone had any experience with commercial air travel with medifast? (I dont have a private jet and have to schlep through the TSA like everyone else. :-)).

I wonder about:.

1. packing in checked luggage- has anyone had their stash discarded?.

2. taking on board - any problems getting through security? hey those powered drinks look suspicious!.



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I have flown several times with MF...if you use RTD shakes they have to go in checked baggage. I've never had a problem carrying the packets in my carry-on but have read some others who have at least been asked about them.~..

Comment #1

I made oatmeal muffins & have bar in my purse no problem.

I also have had cappucino to mix at the coffee bar while I traveled with no.


Comment #2

Yes, I did have a problemI don't know whether it was the non-pressurized cargo hold or some gorilla TSAI packed several RTDs, cold drinks, bars and soups in a small carry-on sized bag but checked it, thinking that would be easier than gettin pulled aside at the gate..

When I went to pick up my luggage at my destination, I caught the distinct aroma of chocolateopened my bag andwhat a mess!! One of the RTDs had exploded inside my bag Not only that, but there was a slice in one of the drink packages and it was all over, and one of the bars had been opened....

Now, if you were a TSA person with half a brain, would you put the stuff back in the bag OPENED after you checked it??? I don't know who's to blame, but a word of cautionmake sure to pack the stuff inside ziploc bags!!!..

Comment #3

Thanks for sharing this wisdom. Id like to hear from more experiences. I decided to only take DRY Medifast to avoid mess.


Comment #4

I usually use to the RTD shakes ..... but I also use the packets... I had no problems at all...

Comment #5

I have flown several times on MF,,have only taken dry foods, both in my purse and in the checked luggage. Twice we had a paper inside my checked luggage that had the packets in it,stating it had been inspected, but I had them in a clear gallon ziplock, and nothing was bothered. They have never questioned it when going through security with my purse...

Comment #6

I take a box of dry and a couple of bars in my carry on, to mix as I travel, and to have in case I get stuck somewhere (my current favorite is a vanilla shake mixed with a starbucks iced SF vanilla coffee), then I pack the rest of my Medifast supplies in baggies in my checked luggage. I haven't ever taken the RTDs. I had a shampoo explosion in my luggage once, so I do my best to take as few liquid products as possible and to double and triple bag those I do take.

I have never had a problem, but I do pack a flattened Medifast box with my supplies each time so if someone looks it is clear that the baggies contain 'nutritional supplements'..

Comment #7

I have flown several times with dry packets and bars and had no problem. The smaller airports are always more picky than the large ones. But even those just thought the bars were candy...

Comment #8

I did not have a problem with the packets. I bought water beyond security and made my drink on the plane. I had planned to make muffins but ran out of time (story of my life). Next time I will make muffins. They are a lot easier than mixing in a water bottle. But water bottles do work just fine...

Comment #9

Flown in the US and Europe with dry packets and never any problems. I have taken prepared food with in my purse (muffins, etc.), no problems. I would be scared of the RTD, I would worry about them bursting...

Comment #10

HI all, these are great suggestions.

Id hate to get arrested arguing at the TSA for taking away my Medifast.

I liked the suggestions of crushing the box and having it available so it's evident what the contents are (as if the labels on the individual items were not enough)..

I was thinking of taking some on my big trip out of the country next summer- but hey I should be in maintenance by then if I am true to the plan and I am inspired by all the courage and creativity and persistence here so I know I can do it..

It seems like muffins are acceptable items?? I love making the muffins..



Comment #11

I travel frequently and at the suggestion of TSA, I got a prescription from my Dr (on an official prescription pad) that states I am allowed to travel with Medifast.

It works like a charm. I very rarely check baggage and I have no problems going thru security with my RTD shakes. I put the shakes in zip lock bags, put them into the trays on the conveyor and tell the TSA agent that I have a prescription..

Hope this helps!..

Comment #12

I just got back from a trip with all dry Medifast in my checked bag and carry-on with no problem. I even had my shaker cup in my coat pocket and used it on the plane. But my daughter was a little embarrassed by me going into restaurants and ordering a bowl of hot water...

Comment #13

Trumpet - you're absolutely right about the hot water - lol..

I also have had no problem with the packets. It's the liquids TSA is concerned about. I highly recommend getting a prescription from a Dr allowing Ready to Drink Shakes in carry on. It takes all the stress out of traveling.

I'm getting ready to travel this week and will be taking 15 RTD shakes with me in my carry on..

Comment #14

Me too I've traveled a lot with MF, even out of the country. It was suggested b4 I left not to take RTD's (they are heavy for one thing and you risk losing them). I packed my dry packets put inside ziplock bags and took along with my Magic Bullet and have made shakes and puddings in my room. It is also a good idea about flat boxes so TSA can 'see' what you have. I also make oatmeal in the AM from the coffee makers in the room. It is one of the things I like about Medifast - it is portable!!..

Comment #15

I will be traveling this spring to another state, and was wondering about packing my Medifast meals, and there will be a lot, because I will be going for a week. I think what I may do is actually ship my meals ahead of me and that way avoid any entanglements altogether. I have a friend who uses special camera film, and she always ships it on ahead of her to her destination. Why not do that with Medifast meals??..

Comment #16

^ shipping ahead is a great idea. I'm on a three day business trip and half my check in luggage was filled with my RTD shakes - lol.

I probably could have fit everything into my rolling carry if I had shipped my RTD shakes..

Comment #17

I shipped all my food including RTD when I went on vacation. I took enough carry on for 3 days. Having been trapped in airports before I wasn't taking any chances...

Comment #18

I know this is off-topic - but as I was reading I saw LindaL is exactly at the halfway point! Congratulations!!!..

Comment #19

I am leaving on an 11 day business trip tomorrow. I shipped most of my food out ahead of time. Didn't want to carry 55 meals. I am using the dry shakes instead of rtd. also, my room has a microwave so oatmeal and soups will be handy. Also, I will have one bar per day and they are very compact.

I have found that many hotel chains that don't have microwaves in the room, will provide one if requested ahead of time. I do this at Marriott a lot...

Comment #20

Arrived at my destination - had shipped my food ahead of time. Things worked really well. The RTDs made it fine. I had two packets of soup get holes in them and leak powder out in the box. I had filled the box full as I am here 11 days. I figured out that things with sharp, dried items in them (the noodles in the chix noodle, the peas in the beef stew, etc.) will poke a hole through the packet if packed too tight.

BTW, had some packets in my laptop case that I carried on and no problem with passing the security checkpoint...

Comment #21

Thanks so much for the great info Tina. Hope you arrive home safely...

Comment #22

I was afraid of exactly that happening which is why I packed them in my suitcase. I only carried a bar on board which was o.k...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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