Afraid of how Medifast foods tastes

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Hi all,.

I have my meals and I know what to do, but I'm scared to start. I keep putting it off for this reason or that reason. Because I'm afraid I'm not going to stick to it or I'm afraid I'm going to feel deprived. Or because I'm afraid I'll hate how the food tastes...

Has anyone else experienced this? How did you get past it and get started?.



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In a month/year/five years, you're going to be in exactly the same place, if not worse, if you don't start. Just close your eyes and jump! It's not scary, I promise! Take it a single day at a time, don't think of the whole thing. Promise yourself "Today I will be 100% OP" and make a plan so you can do it. Do it every day, without thinking about "OMG I have to do this for X days!".

Just start. Motivation follows action, a lot of times. I'm feeling 10x better about the plan 7 days into it than I did before starting!!..

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I believe you may be looking to far in advance, don't look at the big picture. Looking at the big picture is overwhelming and scary. There is never a "good" time to start a diet there will always be something that you can use as an excuse to wait. Instead of waiting start right now! Stop looking at the negitive side: I can't eat this or I can't eat that look at like, look at the positive side: I will be healthy again I will live longer and have more time with loved ones and I will look good in clothes again...

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Start now! Just do it! You WILL succeed. Throw off the paralyzing lethargy of procrastination. All your fears will melt away if you just start TODAY. Remember this is your year for good things!!!!! Let today, March 10, 2010, be your New Year's Day. In a few weeks you'll be amazed at how far you've come. Don't look back.

Don't overthink it. Just do it. It's okay. You'll be fine...

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I know it seems scary, but once you give it a try, it won't be as bad as you're imagining. Try doing just one week, and don't be too hard on CAN do it! This is a great plan, it isn't easy at first but once you get through it, it is much easier. The food might not be totally yummy at first, but there are things you can do to make it more palatable if there's something you don't like at all. I hate broccoli but I eat the cream of brocoli soup as 'chips'.

As far as feeling deprived, this plan is quite amazing at how your cravings just 'go away'...and I think also you need to adjust your thinking...focus on being OP and not on what you don't get...remember this isn't forever, this is while you are on weight loss phase and once you reach your goal and go on maint you can have what you like (on occasion in moderation). Also, I've found using recipes that are fakes of the original, like chinese fried rice made of cauliflower (I normally hate cauliflower) or mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes or cauliflower pizza, or radish chips, etc. I would NEVER normally eat these veggies but the recipes make them YUMMY.

Just take the first step then once you do that, take another and before you know it you'll be posting in the success forum! Come here for encouragement and help if you start struggling. It definitely helps you stay on track. Just do it! lol..

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You will see on here over and over again. Take it one little white packet at a time. And really you just need to get through that next packet. It sounds simple and it is. It helps..

Maybe you should do a little emotional investment first. Find someone to talk to that can help you sort out your feelings. Be sure you are really really really in a good emotional, mental state of mind before embarking on this journey. That is one thing that I feel is so overlooked when folks say just do it. There are reasons we are all here and the reason is not usually as simple as I eat too much. Do some digging and really invest the time in more than what you are choosing to eat or not to eat...

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Lynne, I couldn't agree more. Medifast is a commitment and I think you do have to be emotionally ready. But, please, Lisa, don't let fear hold you back. I told absolutely no one but DH that I was doing this, fearing that even though I made an absolute comittment, I might fail and be embarrased. I have been 100% successful since 1/4, the day I started. Support of DH has been very important since he cooks for himself (our kids are grown) and I don't have to worry about "real" meals.

It's really working for me, and I don't ever feel hungry or deprived. My suggestion: commit for 4 weeks and decide at the beginning of week 4 whether to order more food. If you're not ready, you'll know by then. During those weeks, visit the boards often for support and encouragement. Best of can do it! Kathy..

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I was scared at first, like you, and waited a week before I started. What I finally worked out was this: it's an adventure that I was willing to take to rediscover the me I used to be/wanted to be! How exciting! There's a little fear of the unknown, but what a wonderful challenge to get to the healthy me underneath the heavy me! Read up on the tips to prepare your food before you start (like soaking the oatmeal...I SO didn't do that the first packet, and if I hadn't read that later I'd probably never have oatmeal again) and you will be armed with all the knowledge that the veterans can give you, so you'll have a leg up going into this. It's exciting, it works, it's simple, and YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!..

Comment #7

Afraid you won't stick to it: Take it one meal, one day at a time, if you fear even committing for a week. You will find that after that first meal, you will look forward to the next, and then the next. The next day you will be excited that you stayed OP the day before and will have more determination to stay OP that day....because the next day, ketosis kicks in...and then the weight starts to literally fall off. By that point you will fear NOT being OP. And it all starts with that first meal on that first day..

Afraid you will feel deprived: You might, in all honesty feel deprived. That is when you kick in your problem solving skills and distract yourself. Go for a walk. Organize a drawer. Take out the trash. Come here and read.

Anything to distract yourself from your thoughts that you are deprived. Eventually you won't feel deprived....and your whole house will be organized!.

Afraid of how the food tastes: I was too. There are ways to make it appetizing. The people here are great at sharing what they have done to make something icky turn into something yummy. Start with a bar....then try a shake....then try some soup....then try the next thing. Before you know it Medifast meals will be what you crave and look forward to..

You can do this! I know you can! And, the best part is, that it really works!..

Comment #8

Thanks to everyone! I appreciate what you've said and the encouragement - I started this morning despite my fears and so far so good!.

I would love to be a success story! :-).


Comment #9

Way to go, go for tomorrow. Best of luck! Kathy..

Comment #10

Congrats, Lisa! The marathon always starts w. a single step. You will feel your best a few days into the program and the motivation to continue and succeed will follow! Good luck!!!!..

Comment #11

Congratulations you'll be so happy that you did! I promise. There is no way to fail as long as you stick to it!.

Think of all the years you devoted yourself to becoming unhealthy! This is a start to healthy years!.

I gained all this weight in 10 years or so. It'll take me a year and a half to take it off! thats it!.

So I either gain another 100 lbs in 10 years or I lose it in 1!..

Comment #12

You know before I made the decision to start Medifast I had to give it some really serious thought. I had tried so many programs, spent so much money but it small bits so it didn't seem so "overwhelming"....but my pattern was always start, look at the finish line, get overwhelmed and find every reason in the book why I couldn't do this......

I took a different road toward this journey with MF. In my case because of the cost I was actually embarrased to spend that much money on THAT just shows you where my head was when I started this time....sooooooo I kind of tricked myself.....

I said ok self, I can do anything for 30 days....I will only give it 30 days and then I can re-evaluatate and see where I's not like a life-time committment or anything right.

Little did I know where that decision would lead success, to a new me, to being liberated for the first time in my life ....truly liberated from the pain both emotional and physical of carrying all this extra non-essential part of who I was.....And that is how I managed to start and to continue my journey....1 decision at a time....small goals and committments...didn't worry about the finish line....just one meal after the other, one foot in front of the other and all of a sudden there I was at the finish line....the time seemed like no more than a heart beat but like I had done it all my life....and continue each day...coming here to the boards, to the Medifast family, to my friends and those who understand what it feels like when no one else does......

So please do start, you spent the moneyuse what you have and then decide...I believe if you make small decisions bigger and bigger changes will begin in your life....the weight is simply one of those....there is so much more that comes with this program....


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I just jumped in. I figured it was all or nothing...

Comment #14

Way to go Lisa!!!! Stick to it - you will see - it's easier than you think. That's the best part about it - there isn't much thinking to it!!!!!!!.

I'm proud of you!!!..

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