Best way to buy Medifast? Any Sep 2010 coupons?

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I will be putting in my 2nd order in a week or so. The first order was the variety package, but not on autoship..

What is the best way to order? To get the most for the least cost?.

I don't want another variety pack, so many flavors and options not included, and some I got I didn't like. I went through the Design a Meal, but the choices were so limited, and then it went to check out - didn't see a place to pick different foods, or add ones. I didn't complete the order because I wasn't ready yet, maybe changes were possible at the end, after entering payment info?.

I also tried to see what regular ordering would do. Didn't complete that one either, are auto ship and discount codes asked for at the end? And do I really want autoship? I've heard some have had problems with it or customer service or something..

And most recommend not ordering by phone, more expensive..

So what do the veterans do?.


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Autoship for me, because you get free weeks and discounts, and free shipping on a full month's order. I do select my own items and it ends up being a little bit more expensive than a variety pack (but not much)...

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I've picked specific foods from the very start, it may be a tad more expensive, but well worth having exactly what I want. I'm in it for the long haul, so I'm using AutoShip and haven't had any problems with it to date...

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I use auto ship also. When I didn't change my order before the deadline I had an excellent experiance with customer service helping me cancel the order and place a new one (of course I had to pay shipping on that one but I got the foods I wanted!).

I have changed my orders several times before the deadline now and enjoy being able to have that convenience. You can even go in to edit the order a couple of times per month if you change your mind or forget something you want to try... Plus saving money on the free weeks, free shipping and discounts doesn't hurt either. I'm also committed to seeing this plan thru and don't regret my decision at all..

Enjoy yourself and try some variety!..

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I also do autoship to save on the shipping costs. I did a couple of variety packs but next time I'm going to custom order exactly what I want. Don't do the Design a Meal option, I just go in and pick and choose what I want to order, and it adds it to my autoship screen, which I can then modify to my heart's content until the deadline (which I can also change which is nice).

The only thing with autoship is to make sure you give it enough time to get to you - I was a little to close on last month's order. Give yourself a few days leeway on the shipping etc...

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I, too, autoship but pick out my own foods..

Free shipping, discounts, exactly what I want to eat..

It's all good!..

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You usually want to order 20 boxes of stuff, 4 for breakfast foods, 4 bars (if you do bars) and 12 of whatever else you'd like!..

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I have always customized my orders, in the beginning I used to do autoship and customize my orders for me. I never had any problems with autoship either, it worked out well and about a week before I knew they would be shipping it and I went and did an inventory of what I ordered last time and what I really need and always I get something new.

In between the autoship order I did another full order on my own so I actually have a two month supply here at the house for variety of everything, I have almost every type of bar and all the oatmeals, etc. I only eat the bars about 2 maybe 3 a week and so they are lasting me a long time and than I also ordered a case of each of the RTD's. Those are great for on the go or quick and just so so so handy, I can't say enough about how awesome those are.

But as far as ordering, if you liked something really weel this past month you may want to order more of it this time around, if you didnt like something at all you may wish not to order it again until next month. Autoship is very flexible...

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The first month I did the variety and then my 2nd order I just chose 20 boxes of what I like. I chose 4 oatmeals (breakfast) and 4 soups (lunch), and then shakes and pudding. I also ordered a few extra boxes of shakes, and 1 box of bars just in case. (I only eat the bars when I am out and can't make a shake.) This way I know I will enjoy everything I picked and not have to find ways to disguise the flavors I don't love...

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Thank you everyone, this does help! Especially with what you order, not just how..

How do we find out when the next shippment is scheduled, so we know when to make changes in time? And we can change the auto ship date? I was told that I would get 4 weeks plus a free week, but that autoship would go out every 3 weeks. I would definitely have plenty on had when the next shipment came..

And doing an order in between auto ships - does that order stay in the "cart" so that it would be those items sent on the next auto ship? Or is it labeled differently and identified by MF? I like the idea of having boxes here for the two month, but can't afford to buy that much at once..

Except for the few more questions, I think I am getting a handle on this. I am beginning my 3rd week, so now would be a good time to order again?.


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When you go in to do your order, and you choose autoship the first time, I THINK it asks for a date. After that - it's 4 weeks out from there and you can change it by choosing 5 days prior or later.

Whatever you modify on your order automatically goes to your autoship order, not to an extra order. so whatever you choose, that's the next order that will ship to you on your autoship date.

You can always buy a couple of extra boxes, and build up a stash if you want to...

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First, I did a variety I ordered with a discount code to save the $55.00 off total order..then I tried autoship... Reading everyone's logs above, it sounds like autoship is the way to go, and not the discount codes for the $55.00.

Interesting reading how the pretty much everyone went to the autoship mode.. thanks for thinking to ask about 'ordering'...

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I Love the blueberry oatmeal ..... I use a bit of sugar free syrup on it, and it's really become delish to me..

In addition, I've learned to make the pancakes.. it's 1 pkge blueberry oatmeal... 1/3 cup of club soda, a dash of splenda, dash of salt... spray pan with pam, and make silver dollar size pancakes on a low flame.. *i flip them when they look bubbly on top... I use the sugar free syrup sometimes, and sometimes have it plain... yum...

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I think the stocking up part is a good idea. I am doing that on my next two orders. I had requested an earlier date of 2/26-29 for a ship date and it got missed and then went 3/1 and I am waiting. Hope it arrives today because all my favoites are gone. Though when hungry they all taste good!!..

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