Advice on drinking alcohol during Medifast plan?

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As I know that drinking alcohol OP is not encouraged on MF, does anyone have any advice on this subject?.

I went out with coworkers this weekend to a bar and had a couple of drinks. I had a rum with diet coke... I figured this was way better than the alternative and plan to flush with more fluids to hopefully help..

BTW, I must say that both DH and I went and someone ordered nachos and hush puppies and fries for everyone at the table and neither of flinched when saying no, thank you to the food. So, at least that makes me feel good (even if it is a concession) :-)..

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Choosing to have a drink or so on occassion is a personal choice. Any diet plan will tell you to refrain. With Medifast you have to count the carbs as well as the calories. If you make the choice to have a drink then you just have to realize that it may slow your losses..

I don't imagine you will get much actual advice on how to cheat the system and incorporate drinks. However, you are a grown up with free will. How you exercise that is up to you. I have had a couple of drinks about once a month while on plan. I don't come on and advertise it or make it a big deal. I know full well when I do I am taking a chance with my success that week.

Congrats on refraining from the food. That is one of the biggest reasons not to drink. It makes it harder to say no to the food. I can stop myself after a couple of drinks but not after a couple of nachos...

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Ummmm alcohol nis not advisedon MF. there are no suggestions on how to drink and still be OP.

You have to decide what's more important to you and follow that. hwo many times did you hear "you can't have your cake and eat it too"? that 's what you're dealing with.

Weight loss is work. Medifast makes it easier than most other plans i've found but t stilltakes sacrifice and will power..


Comment #2

Guess we'd need to understand why you think you even need to drink alcohol? Not drinking doesn't prevent you from enjoying the company you're in just like turning down those appetizers didn't. Not drinking keeps you on plan and losing weight. Not drinking is part of the commitment you made to MF. So why do you think you need to drink? Might come off sounding harsh, but I went from quite a lot of wine drinking to nothing while on Mf. I haven't touched a drop since I started in October. I've been through all the major holidays with a large Italian family...

So please, explain why you'd even entertain the idea while you're on 5&1?..

Comment #3

As I know that drinking alcohol OP is not encouraged on MF, does anyone have any advice on this subject?.

Yeah. Don't do it...

Comment #4

My advice, don't do it.

As others have said alcohol isn't OP, and contains a wack of calories that you really don't need. I'm another one who went from having quite the booze habit to none while on MF, and that is quite liberating to be honest..

BUT, I have chosen to have a drink on some occaisions, I made it a deliberate choice, and as with any choice I make these days with food and drink, if I'm going to have something I'm going to enjoy it, I'll choose to have one of something, and I'll make it last as long as possible..

Yes you can choose to minimise the damage and choose a vodka and a low cal mixer, but honesly we are, or we should be talking about a one off treat, rather than a regular thing, so as I say, if it's a Baileys that I hanker for, I'd rather have a small one, and enjoy every tatse and sensation of it. I can't do that so much if I'm in company so I tend to pass...

Comment #5

I'm going to stick my neck out here and be unpopular, but I kind of hate the implication that if you want to consume an occasional alcoholic beverage, and still want to lose weight, then you must be some kind of delusional incipient alcoholic who can't function in a social situation without the crutch of booze..

Don't get me wrong, booze was a huge problem for me and one of the main reasons I gained all the weight I did. I gradually went from having a glass of wine in the evening while I watched TV, to consuming an entire bottle most nights. Not healthy in any way. So I started Medifast in November, and stayed off booze entirely for the first couple of weeks. After that, I started allowing myself to drink in social situations where I felt like it usually once a week at my Friday night poker game, where I drink red wine. I have had a drink at home maybe three times since last November otherwise, my drinking has been completely limited to social settings..

Could I have lost more weight if I had stayed completely booze free for the last six months? Well, yes and no. Yes, in that I'm sure if I had been completely OP the whole time, my weight loss would have been faster. No, in that I would never have stuck to a plan that strict. If Medifast were magic (which I know it feels like sometimes, but it really isn't), and having a glass of wine broke the spell forever, then the spell would have been broken for me three weeks in, and that would have been that..

All that said, I am now 66 pounds lighter than when I started, which is a 10 pounds per month loss. My size 12 jeans that I just bought are getting baggy in the butt, and I feel better about myself than I have in half a decade (though a fabulous new job does have something to do with that I don't know yet what my ultimate goal weight is, but I feel reasonably confident that the tools I have acquired on plan understanding more about nutrition, reading labels, cooking tasty lean and green meals, eating small, frequent, nutritionally sensible meals will help me to maintain my weight loss..

I'm not telling anyone else to do what I've done, and I realize that I don't have the food addiction issues that some people do (I have never binged), but I also think that the plan can work for different people in different ways. This is the way it has worked for me...

Comment #6

"I'm going to stick my neck out here and be unpopular, but I kind of hate the implication that if you want to consume an occasional alcoholic beverage, and still want to lose weight, then you must be some kind of delusional incipient alcoholic who can't function in a social situation without the crutch of booze.".

Exactly. I'm sorry, but some of the responses to the original post are just downright rude.

This entire process is a journey and we need each other to help it along. I'm sure the original poster was looking for feedback about what others have done, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink suggestions, and so on. Not comments about why she is or is not on plan and needs alcohol.

As far as dieting goes in general, some people do best being 100% restrictive, while others really do better with planned splurges or the occasional treat that doesn't make them go crazy. I don't think that's anything worth getting upset about. Everyone's journey is different. Posts like these make me really not want to ask about advice on how to handle my upcoming vacation, which I am really freaking out about.

As far as the OP goes - I haven't really been put in that situation yet, although I did buy a bunch of wine with my MIL at a winery and she keeps asking me when we're going to bust out the wine. Yikes!..

Comment #7

I would say it's a personal choice...staying OP as far as food is concerned is showing you are dedicating yourself to this diet. You are also changing your eating habits, which is why we are all here to begin with.

Honestly, I don't see how 1 little drink with diet coke can completely mess everything up for you. I remember (many years ago) I read the Atkins book and he also didn't recommend drinking alcohol. However, he did say, stick to vodka or straight liquor IF you would deviate from that plan. I haven't had a drink so far and probably will continue to avoid alcohol. But if you drink, you do have to pay attention to how much the one drink affects your weight loss. If it's not having a negative effect, then what's the problem? But if you notice that it ruins your weight loss for that week, then only you can make the decision if that one drink is worth all your time, effort and money you've contributed in your efforts to lose weight..

Good luck whatever you decide!.

Week 1 -13lbs.

Week 2 -2.2 lbs.

Week 3 -4.4 lbs.

Week 4 -2.0 lbs..

Comment #8

To the original poster, Welcome and My suggestion/advice would be NOT to drink alcohol while on the 5&1 one plan. It will make losing weight and reaching your goal MUCH easier!.

Now to other posters, Yes, It's a personal choice to follow a diet plan as laid out or to eat off plan or drink off plan alcoholic beverages. I honestly would suggest someone follow a different eating plan, like weight watchers, Jenny Craig or NutriSystem if they find they must drink alcoholic beverages. It can be "safely" worked into those plans and although not advised to do so by these plans, it is certainly accepted as your calorie restriction is not so low and restricted as you aren't trying to reach a mild ketogic state like the Medifast 5&1 Plan produces when followed 100%..

Drinking while on the 5&1 Plan is NOT healthy NOR Safe..

I lost weight rapidly as I followed the plan 100%, this program saved my life and I LOVED the mild ketogenic state that the 5&1 plan produced because for the first time in my LIFE, I wasn't HUNGRY. I so enjoyed losing weight and not being hungry, it was so worth it to me to do this for me and my health, cheating, eating or drinking off plan was not worth more than me or my health and well-being..

Keep up your hard work everyone, WE are worth it! Dan..

Comment #9

Hi Dan, I'm certainly not arguing with the majority of your post, as ever all good sensible stuff, I do wonder at just this statement though? Why is it not healthy or safe? Yes it will slow down your weight loss, yes it may cause you to make poor choices, and I can see how regular drinking, well know I actually CAN'T see how regular drinking would fit in with Medifast at all. The odd drink though?..

Comment #10

If only weed were legal thems that absolutely needed intoxication could just smoke up. No carbs in that! Of course, your lungs might fall off'd be OP!..

Comment #11

But I don't know if Medifast style pizza would cut it for the munchies that comes with.


Comment #12

Lol! I forgot about that. Maybe this wouldn't work so well...especially with things like Medifast brownies and peanut butter crunch bars in the house...

Comment #13

Wow, so I'm not allowed to do Medifast anymore, because I confessed that I still drink alcohol in social settings on occasion? So I guess it is magic, and I have broken the spell and just didn't know it! Guess I'll just have to put all those damn packets on E-bay and take my lumps..

With all due respect, I think I'll stick with a plan that I know works for me, that has taught me vital lessons about how to eat (and drink, for that matter) in a healthy way, and that has improved my life measurably over the last six months..

Sometimes I feel like there are posters on these boards who treat the Quick Start Guide as a religious text, and any suggestion of personal deviation as an admission of heresy. I choose to look at it as an enormously useful tool to fix what has been wrong in my life health, weight and nutrition-wise rather than an immutable doctrine..

So I guess I'm a Medifast apostate. Shouldn't surprise me, since organized religion has never really been my thing...

Comment #14

For me, I always assumed drinking alcohol on Medifast was about as off plan having a regular soda or having a big dollop of butter on top of my veggies. My counselor at my Medifast center told me point blank, there was no on plan alcohol..

So unless what you're drinking is zero calorie, zero carb, I don't see why alcohol should get any special consideration..

To each their own though, you know what works for yourself and your life the best. I will say, I went from drinking socially to being designated driver 100% of the time and while it was a hard habit to break, that's all it was a habit - like not being able to have frozen yogurt with friends after dinner..

If you DO choose to have the odd drink, I would just recommend taking it very slow - when I went off plan 2 weeks ago, I had the odd drink... and wound up very tipsy and was actually hung over the next morning. It felt like 1 glass of wine now = 3 glasses before MF...

Comment #15

I should have clarified, Safe in being able to stay On Plan Many, not all, but many might find their inabitions lowered and find themselves not only drinking off plan but eating off plan.

Again, it's to each their own, Medifast doesn't recommend it nor do I. But I believe in live and let live and the path I chose was to follow the plan 100% but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. I appreciate you and appreciate you bring this up so could clarify...

Comment #16

I was not trying to be offensive or combative, I was merely sharing my thoughts and feelings. Please do what is right for you as that is none of my business...

Comment #17

Only for people that don't like having lungs.

No I wasn't! Sorry if it sounded that way...

Comment #18

Wow! Hmm.... I must say that this has evoked quite a strong response from some of you out there. Quite frankly I find it a bit amusing, to say the least. Those of you who seem to have almost a cult like following to the diet and have such negative reactions to the idea of having a drink- let's just say it is interesting. For those of you who are so concerned about why I might feel the need to have a drink and such and such, you are sadly mislead about the illusions you have conjured up in your head regarding my "drinking habits". Quite frankly, I honestly can't remember the last time I had a drink before the night in question.

And yes, I am still pretty proud of myself for avoiding other temptations as well :-) I find it interesting that people are so concerned about the "damage" done when I am sure 8 out of 10 of you have fallen off the wagon and indulged in something off plan that was far more damaging than what I consumed. Well, I have not cheated in any way shape or form before and quite frankly this was my choice. I am not asking for advice on "how to cheat". I suppose I am not the extremist that some of you might be.......I did not let eating rule my life and that is not what got me here. I am not going to let the Medifast diet rule my life either, that is what would personally cause me to abandon the diet ship.

I do eat OP and by choice and do not feel starved for anything. For those of you who have chastised me for having a drink, shame on you. You manage to rally the troops when someone comes off plan for a weekend or to eat a greasy cheeseburger- don't you think that is a slippery slope..

I am sorry that some of you may not be able to stop once you start but I am not that person and there is no need to project your issues upon me.

To those of you who have spoken up on my behalf, thank you for understanding and not looking down on me for making a choice. We are all adults and we are all prepared to receive the consequences for our actions..

The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humor. ~Author Unknown..

Comment #19

Valpal, your topic was titled as a question and you posted asking for advice. I don't think people were judging you for going off plan as much as they were trying to help give you advice going forward..

At least that's how I read it. Sometimes when a post or a response gets my back up, I try to remember "feedback is a gift". It's up to you whether you accept it or throw it away. Take what works for you, and let go of everything else. Almost everyone is trying to help...

Comment #20

Only my 2 cents...there are plenty of alcoholic drinks that you could consume while high in calories low in carbs..

I think it's more about really building up your NO muscle. I can only speak for myself, and my NO muscle was non-existent before. My inner "monster" (thanks for that dilli) wants what she wants when she wants it and F**ck the consquences..

One of the best things about Medifast is chaining my monster to the wall in a dungeon in a castle far far away. It's not so much about wanting a drink as the ability to live without it for a while..

That being said, I recently went away on an all girl trip to Atlantic City and deliberately made the choice to drink, as I have been OP for several months, no kids, no hubby, insert excuse here. It took me almost a MONTH to get my focus back. I found myself making excuses and tweaks that I could talk myself into. The result, significantly lower weight loss..

Again, I'm not the food/drink police nor do I play them on t.v. This is my experience and I hope by sharing it, you find some aid by it..

Comment #21

Yes, this is true chickpea and ana. I do take most of the info as advice and DO understand that when some people deviate from plan that they cannot get back very easily. My difficulty was with the individuals who seem to psychoanalyze my simple drink and project their issues with heavy drinking onto me. It can be a slippery slope and I, fortunately, have not had problems with this as of yet. I feel for me this diet is not so much about building my "no muscle" as it is getting back on track eating healthfully. My husband and I don't eat horribly but we became sedentary when I went back to school full-time and we didn't seem to have as much time to hit the gym like we used to.

I think it is important to recognize that we are all here for different reasons, we all do it a little differently, and we all hit our goals at different points b/c we are individuals :-)..

Comment #22

I agree with Dan's and others advice,,don't drink while doing 5/1.

Now, that said, I also don't feel we should judge those who decide to go off on that occasional off road adventure......

HOWEVER, I have been a maintainer for over 3 yrs, and have been on these boards since 2006,,,,I have seen this argument over and over,,,and there is always, someone, just as Ana (Angela) has said, that has to work hard to get their focus back OP after a night or longer off plan experience. For some, one night out, drinking , etc. would not phase their abiity to jump back OP,,,but for many,,it is a disaster..

I think those who are advising the original poster to not do it, are simply speaking the truth, and not meaning to judge..

I actually do feel that drinking while on MF, can actually not be healthy at all. One drink is going to affect you much more with such low calories being taken in,,,and we all know higher effects from alcohol can cause poor judgements, both behind the wheel and in snacking.

Whichever you decide, it is indeed YOUR plan, just be aware of the possible struggles when trying to get back OP..

Best wishes on your Medifast journey!..

Comment #23

Thank you Schu1 for your comments :-) I am ALWAYS safe when drinking :-) I do realize the alcohol can a greater impact d/t the consequences of the diet :-)..

Comment #24

I may be a freak of nature here, but when I have had alcohol, I haven't noticed it delaying my weight loss on the scales. Your body does use the alcohol as fuel before it goes back to using keytones, but I have still been losing over 5lbs a week, and actually I haven't had a drink in about 3 weeks and my weight losses have actually been slower..

I also make sure to hit my 45 minutes of working out every day, so that might help burn through those calories faster. Alcohol is a very calorie dense food as well, so if I find myself partaking, it's 2 tops and with plenty of water. I guess the biggest thing is the alcohol won't kick you out of ketosis (real alcohol, whiskey, vodka, gin, etc. not wine or beer though), but if you eat taco bell on the way home, that's going to do some damage...

Comment #25

I take your question as not a "should I or shouldn't I" so that isn't the advice I will give..

I would just say that if you do have a drink to try to keep it lower in carbs. This obviously eliminates margaritas etc. (girly drinks ).

Clear alcohols (rum, vodka) are generally low/no carb and can be mixed with soda or diet coke. I believe a glass of wine is approx 6-8 carbs... just things to keep in mind..

Make it work for you so that you can stick with it...

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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