Advice for vegans on Medifast?

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...this was a VERY hard decision for me to make. But, I HAVE to lose weight, and obviously, doing it on my own hasn't worked..

My doctor has told me to eat more calories and more fat. But, for some reason I cannot do it on my own?! I find myself full, still not eating enough calories and fat, and getting fatter by the day. My doc says my metabolism is SHOT, and my body just holds onto any fat it can get...hence, making me a BIG FAT COW!!.

So, I made the decision to try Medifast and to become least until after I lose my weight..

So, any advice for me?...will I get sick since it has been so long since I have had any animal products AT ALL! (It has been about 7-8 years since I started eating a vegan diet)..

Thank you!..

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Start slowly. I'm also a vegetarian and thank goodness as I never could do this plan being a vegan. Almost all my protein is from dairy. Once you lose your weight you can go back to being a vegan...

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Patty - I hear you. I'm in the same boat and struggled with the decision myself. But I think if I kill myself with fast food my decision of being a vegan vs. a vegetarian is kind of a moot point :-).

My experiences with the vegan community have been tough - I know many wouldn't approve. But feel like this is my last hope...

Comment #2

Congratulations on making such difficult decision. You have chosen your health. After many year of concern for other creatures, it is now your turn. You will return to veganism wiser, able to share what you have learned about the critical role of nutrition in a vegan diet...

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Thank you, all, for the welcome. I'm still waiting anxiously for my package, so I'm doing as much research and planning as I can until it arrives..

Thanks, again!..

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Welcome, I am pescetarian, I also eat dairy. I think that if you can stomach the dairy product it may help as I get most of my lean calories from dairy or fish. It is a great program...

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Patty - honestly, you can't worry about what others think when it comes to taking care of yourself. I have struggled with being a part-time vegan long before starting MF. Trying to find compassionate dairy products can get expensive, and to be honest, if I don't like the taste of the food, I'll just pig out on something I do like. SO, on MF, I'm a vegetarian (and I try to only buy free range/ eco friendly dairy products). When I go off of MF, I'll go back to my three day vegetarian/four day vegan routine..

In the end, those of us who are choosing vegan diets for the betterment of lives for animals can't do anything for those animals if we are dead due to complications from obesity. I know that may seem like a justification to eat dairy, but I feel pretty strongly that I can't do all of the animal work I want to do, unless I lose some weight...

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Actually, SpunJim, I chose a vegan diet due to health reasons...not animal rights. Although, I am definitely more sensitive to them than I was prior!..

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Patty another Patti here!!!.

I am a texture vegetarianI have sensory issuesI have been vegetarian for 20 years because the texture bugs me but I also have a hard time with many veggie textures too!! Yikes maybe I am just mental-LOL.

Proud of YOU !! Let me know how it goes!!..

Comment #8

Granola - "texture vegetarian"??? As in you don't like the texure of animal muscle, organ, etc? Like someone who is light sensitive or touch sensitive? I'm curious. Health and humanity aside, I just don't care for the taste much. (That and I need braces, so things tend to get stuck in my wide gaps )..

Comment #9

Congratulations! Just a word of wisdom; be careful when you are ordering your food. I decided to go with the Cream of Broccoli soup only to discover it has a "chicken fat' base. Wishing you the best~..

Comment #10

This is one thing I noticed before I ordered my first batch of food. I was perplexed WHY they needed chicken fat...veggie broth would probably work out just as well, with the right seasonings. Maybe one day they'll hire some new chefs to come up with some more vegetarian-friendly meals...

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Patty, I just wanted to let ya know that you're not alone...prior to having my daughter last year, I'd made the switch from being a vegetarian for 10 years to being vegan for two (for a lot of reasons). I was fortunate enough to quit my job and spend my time honing my vegan culinary prowess, even started a vegan blog! During my pregnancy, I was put on bedrest around 6 mo. and went back to vegetarianism for convenience's sake (it was easier to have others help provide veg food over vegan fare) and have been veg ever since. I've been struggling with wanting to go back to veganism even though I plan to raise my daughter vegetarian and my husband is an omni (who loves vegan and veg food, so that at least helps!)..

I've chosen Medifast as a vegetarian for now because, honestly? i'm desperate to be me again, to be healthy, lean, strong, and able to be a positive role model for my daughter and a happier, healthier person for myself and my whole family.

I know how hard facing 'the vegans' can be. As a vegan blogger (and frequent poster at one time on I haven't even told my blog readers of my switch. I suppose I fear that they'll stop coming around. I know I shouldn't care what they think, but I know what it was like to go from a long time vegetarian who thought vegans were 'crazy' to a crazy vegan myself who started to judge people because I could no longer see how one could only be veg without going all the way..

Oh, how getting fat and depressed has humbled me! I plan to confess on my blog at some point, when I am emotionally ready to deal with any backlash, I suppose. I want to be strong thru this and do what I know I can do..

It's so nice to find not just a plan that seems to really work (I have two friend who have struggled with their weight for a loooong time and now look and feel amazing due to MF) but to also find a community of like-minded people..

So basically, all that long-winded nonsense was just to say ME TOO!..

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Wow. You're doing great. I am on a 2 week countdown before I begin this program and have a feeling that I don't know what I'm doing! How did you get started? How much do you vary what you eat? My biggest worries: the weekends, time alone, how much the shakes, etc. will bother my very sensitive stomach....Any advice?..

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I'm a would-be (and planning to be) vegan; I want to lose my extra weight, address my emotional eating issues, and transition into a more healthy ethical lifestyle altogether. This gives me something to aim for, to keep excited about where Medifast is taking me. Medifast is a great program for lacto-veggies; I like it because there are just enough choices to prevent it becoming boring. I thought it might be useful to share our daily meal plans - it might help give each other ideas. I tend to keep it really simple. Here's my typical list of meals:.

1. breakfast: oatmeal.

2. shake (today it's an orange shake made into a smoothie with diet orange soda and lots of ice).

3. pudding (sometimes frozen because I love icecream, especially banana) (I haven't experimented with fat free cream cheese or ricotta to make pudding icecream - yet).

4. a hot drink - either tomato soup (the only vegetarian soup) or hot chocolate/ chai latte/ capp..

5. Something chocolate-flavored (generally pudding) when I'm watching TV at night. Night-time is my danger time..

My "lean" is generally either cheese (made with ethical rennet) or tofu (a huge block of lite tofu) or boca burgers. My greatest temptation is too eat too many veggies - I struggle with limiting the "free veg" and to be honest I know I overeat on the veggies and am always a little high on the carbs, but I am making steady progress so I'm not overly concerned..

I'd love to hear how other veggies approach the program...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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