What supplements to take for my achy joints?

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Hi all, I know this topic may have been brought up before. But it's just my joint aches are slowly getting worse and my back hurts too. I really need some supplements to lessen my pain and I'm so scared that this pain would never go away as I already have weak joints. Right now I'm taking vitamin E 1000 I.U./ day. So far I haven't noticed any positive effect. I do noticed that my skin seemingly becomes softer but I'm not sure whether it's because I'm already in my third month of Sotret or because of vitamin E.

I've decided to take fish oil, flaxseed oil, and BioCell Collagen II as Sheefa suggested. I wonder can I take all three together? Would it be side effects from taking so many supplements? Or should I choose 2 out of three? I'm kinda confused. Please advise~Thanks in advance!!..

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Thank you duchamp. I really should've have taken some supplements as soon as I started Murad Resurgence. Sadly I got these bad side effects which I didn't expect. I'll definitely take them separately...

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Please talk to your derm/doctor about the joint pain you're experiencing. If it's bad enough, that's reason enough to stop taking Murad Resurgence. You really do not want permanent effects.Also check with your derm or pharmacist about the advisability of adding in several supplements at once while taking Murad Resurgence...

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Thank you Wynne. I really don't want get off Murad Resurgence at this moment. I had this mysterious acne that totally wrecked my face within 2 months. I'm 23 and I never had that kind of bad and fast growing close-set acne in my teens. In my third month of sotret I'm still breaking out. But I see lots of improvements.

I asked my derm about vitamins and fish oil. I didn't know about BioCell Collagen II at that time. She told me it's alright to take vitamins except vitamin A, and fish oil is okay too, won't do harm to my body. But she did tell me to call them if the aches become untolerable. But right now they are not that bad..

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Glucosamine Chondroitin tremendously helped me with the joint pains. I'm a runner and the joint pain started becoming noticable after my 2nd month on Murad Resurgence. I started on Osteo BiFlex because it said it was fast acting. And, let me tell you within about 5 days I could seriously tell a difference. It's not that expensive either, so if it doesn't work for you, you won't be wasting a lot of money...

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Thank you txhygienist. I just bought BioCell Collagen II. The price is reasonable. I used to work out every other day. But I've been held back from going to the gym because of join pain and red face. I hope BioCell will work for me.

Thank you!..

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