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My first question is: About

My next question is: MItchell and I worked for the same company 5 years ago.He was head of maintenience and I worked in another department.... all the way across a 1000 employee floorplan. Most of the time I worked an opposite shift so we didn't have much physical contact. This guy REALLy disliked me..although he never really said that directly to me. This came to me from the guys in maintenience under him, who happened to be either old friends/associates of mine.......he made comments such as I was not intelligent enough to do my job, and once blantantly stated that I was the reason for an equipment failure (I was not even on shift that day).  HE bitched everytime I had to have something that came under his job to get to me,whether he had to bring it or not. If I needed it, then it was WRONG.

Recently Mitchell and I were again employed by the same company again with him as maintenenceI was there thru a temp agency. And he couldn't be sweeter..

If he sees me having trouble with a machine he stops whatever he is doing to come to my workspace and fix the problem. Every afternoon he seems to be at the timeclock no matter when I am clocking out for the day.

One day I was picking at him that it must be like having 15 wives (my dept is mostly female). And he replies that yeah and he'd divorce every last one of them but me. He has gone out his way to get and do things for me..

On my last day there when it came time for me to clock out he had gone to the other end of the buildingbut by the time it was my turn at the time clock he was standing by me ...since I was having problems with the clock he teased me about operating good equipment,took my time card, clocked it out and walked me out the door..

He made the statement that I was coming in for a little bit the next day, right? I told him that I wished but no I wasn't. He asked me if I was sure and I gave him the same reply...I washoping he would ask me out but no such luck..

SO...was this guy interested and if so...why the sudden change of attitude?.

Most of all, why the sudden change of attitude?.


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Your question was: About

Maybe he's had an attitude adjustment but if I were you, I'd steer clear of this guy.  Just remember what he was like before because that same creature still lurks underneath that cordial exterior he's presenting to you...

Comment #1

I honestly had not thought of that. Jeez!.

Why would a guy go from such intense dislke to going out of his way to please me...and even flirt with me? That makes no sense. Do you have any insight on this?.

It didnt make sense for him to dislike me either tho..

We had never exchanged 10 words the entire time we worked together 5 years ago and we worked for that company for ? about 4 years..or something like that.. together. When my guy friends and associates told me about how he reacted everytime my name ( and from what I heard alot of the time HE was the one bringing up my name) was mentioned it blew me away. He HATED me and did not even know me.

Is it possible for him to go from that to wanting to date?.

I do agree that you are rightI do need to stay away from him because all that has to be still lurking beneath the surface..


Comment #2

Hi Ms_Hellfire,.

Welcome to the board!!.

People can change, but I'd watch him to be careful.  Does  he even remember that this is the same girl from the other job?  Maybe he said those crazy things about you before to cover that he liked you.  As immature as that sounds - it can happen.  Maybe he was worried for his job because of the company policy. .

Maybe at this new job, he was worried that you would speak ill of him because of the poor treatment he gave you at the prior job.  He could be being watched for this at this new job..

And yet anothe possibility is that he likes you.  Anything is possible..

Hope I wasn't too wishy washy!!.




Comment #3

As far as this particular guy goes...who knows why he changed from belligerent to pleasant.  But, go with your first impression of him.  Whenever I have went against what my initial impression was of someone (in your case it would be the entire time you knew him at your first job) and decided to "give a chance" - I was disappointed and my final impression matched my initial impression.  This works for friends as well as dates..

Maybe he was having a bad life when you first knew him - but that bad life carries forward because then you'll be faced with that ugly monster again when things get tough for him again and he copes with those challenges in a similar fashion, resulting in him taking things out on you.   Life always brings about stress and misfortune and who wants to deal with that side to him again?.

If he hated you and didnt even know you I'd *definitely* stay away from him now.  Hate can work itself into lust of some sort so maybe that is what he is feeling for you...

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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