Do you recommend having a free meal every week during Medifast?

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Just wondering about a strategy used by Bill Phillips and "Body for Life." He advocates - as do others - allowing yourself a "free day" - or some suggest a "free meal" - once a week. Has anyone used this strategy successfully? Just wondering.Seems valid "mentally." Any thoughts or experience??..

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I would not suggest doing that on this program..

MF is designed for success, if you opt to go OFF PLAN, then you will come out of ketosis and have to start from day 1 all over again. For many, choosing to go off plan begins a slippery slope and it gets difficult to restart over and over..

To do this weekly would be detrimental and wouldn't allow you to be as successful if you just follow the plan..

That's just my two cents worth!.

Good luck to you...

Comment #1

Its not recommended on the Medifast plan because doing this could take you out of Ketosis....

Instead of having a "free meal or treat" try having an on plan treat. Like making a shake cake, or making ice cream with shake and cream cheese (dbbthreads recipe)...I dont use the Medifast recipes often but when I feel like I need a treat thats what I do and that way it's like your treating yourself to something that you dont always have. Try visitng the recipe board for more ideas. I have found some very good recipes there....Hope that helps.....


Comment #2

I love BFL but a free meal or day would be very counter productive on this plan. Sorry!.

I do plan on incorporating BFL in my maintenance plan! I really do love it. Did a solid 12 week challenge this summer! It was fabulous...

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I think this is something that may work very well in maintenance as it is a life long journey to keep it off. Remember: never over eat two days in a row. As far as during the 5&1 I would be afraid to do this as I would be afraid of not getting back on the plan as written. It does work so maybe look forward to a BFL approach after 5&1. Good Luck..


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Billie's got a great idea: on plan goodness. That is possible. I love my L&G. That pretty much feels like a free day to me. Every day. Bars are probably in that area, too..

I think we should really consider having actual free days. I miss this board being full of cranky people. Let's bring those days back! In and out of ketosis is an awesome idea. Who's with me? We can start our own team!..

Comment #5

BFL is a program based on heavy workouts (weights & cardio) with food intake higher on the good carb side to fuel those workouts. Medifast is an entirely different program. His free day principle doesn't fit well on Medifast as you would totally blow yourself out of ketosis & who on earth wants to go thru those initial few days every week?? Plus you would be wasting your money & have very slow weight loss..

I've done the BFL Challenge & still follow BFL loosely in Maintenance. The concept of a free day or free meal has to be approached sensibly. Having pizza or a cannoli once in a while is ok in Maintenance but a pig out meal or day would lead me to a path of ruin. Been there, done that...

Comment #6

I agree with the responses you already have received..

The efficiency of Medifast depends heavily on staying "on plan"..

A "free day or free meal" will slow down your progress significantly and I would guess a person would experience more "hunger" going on & off Medifast guidelines..


Comment #7

Something else to consider is that BFL is a VERY intensive exercise program and probably not the best option while on the 5&1. It is more of a maintenance program when you can eat the calories to compensate for the workout...

Comment #8

Those were the responses I anticipated. Except perhaps for the sarcasm - I asked a fairly reasonable question.Though Medifast tends to "downplay" the ketosis thing, I do think it's a huge factor. I've DONE BFL - I lost 110 pounds and built some serious muscle. I actually switched to a personalized plan designed by Pam Brown after about 6 months. Awesome program if you're into serious bodybuilding. I was.

Now I just want to UNCOVER some of that muscle that's there!! LOL..

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Well, I'm glad you got some useful advice, nothing wrong with the question!.

I loved BFL last year and I'll be doing it again soon... starting in a week, actually, along with some other MFers. You'll find us in the exercise area of the boards. When we did it last year, a few people were on 5&1 and seemed to do fine... best of luck to you!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.