On Medifast, how to stop emotional eating?

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A question for you Medifast vets....

Sometimes at night (like between 9 & 12), I get the munchies really bad. Historically speaking, this has always been my bad time of the day... I would eat to unwind... eat to destress... you know the routine..

I'll eat my 2 pickles... still hungry. I'll drink 2 cups of water... still hungry. I'll drink some tea... still hungry.

Lately I've resorted to eating a spoonful of Soy Nut butter - but that's like 100 calories! Once, I ate a small can of tuna packed in water... I've resorted to having a scoop of sugar free apricot preserves on occasion..

To make a long story short... have any of you been up against this? What did you do to break the cycle? Are there better snack alternatives in the event that you have to consume a bit more than the plan recommends?.


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Sometimes I will make a slushie in my personal blender flavor infuser with crushed ice and a bit of water and eat with a spoon..

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Or make your last meal and appetite suppression shake. Turn it into a cake, frozen bites, etc..

ANd learn to keep busy... usually it is boredom since the busy day is over!.

Good luck!..

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If you have had all your Medifast meals and your L&G, then your body does not need any more food - it's just a craving. So, instead of trying to figure out what to eat to kill the craving, how about just not eating? Hunger is not fatal. If you ignore it, it WILL go away..

If you keep trying to figure out what to eat to kill the craving you are perpetuating the habit. Just tell yourself you are done eating for the day, and there is no option for any more food. Then go keep yourself busy - blog, journal, exercise, whatever.

Since your body does not NEED any more food, your cravings are a misfire in your brain - a need for something else pretending to be a need for food. Figure out what it is you really need - relaxation, entertainment, comfort - and fill that need with something that does not go in your mouth...

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That used to be a problem time for me as well, but I was fine in the morning, so for a while there I stretched the timing between my daytime meals, then I still had two Medifast meals to eat after my L&G supper. It worked for me, and I lost weight quickly..

Now I've gone back to more normal patterns, and I don't have those horrible munchies anymore..

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I with dilligaf, when I was strictly on the 5/1, I would eat my lean green meal later in the day and redistribute my other meals my munchie time is around 6 p.m. and it really helped...

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I know I'm a night-eater, and (like others here) planned and plan accordingly. I start my meals a bit later in the day than recommended, and finish up usually with 2 Medifast meals and my L&G after 5 pm..

I don't subscribe to the theory that if you eat and go to bed soon after, you digest differently than if you'd eaten the same at noon time.

So, I'm generally having a soup about an hour or hour and 1/2 before my L&G, and a couple hours later, I generally have a (green - box) bar. Using this, I've never woken up and thought, "I'm hungry" - generally, I just think, "I have to go to the bathroom..."..

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When I was on the 5&1 Plan and got hungry any time after my 5-6 pm L&G and my 8 pm Medifast pudding, I used to just go to bed early. I have always tried to get ALL of my water (usually 72+ ounces) in before 5 pm so that I wouldn't be up going to the bathroom all night..

For those of you who do not work nghts but *still* have the munchies after ALL of your day's food has been eaten, try giving your body and mind a rest by going to bed early. It sure worked for me. After about a week of doing that I never had nighttime "munchies".... even if I was awake!..

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I too am a night eater (I also tend to stay up later, so if I had my last meal at say 8pm I'd be starving at 1-2am). I usually get up around 8, so here's what my days look like:.

B: 9am.

MM: 12pm.

L: 3pm.

Lean: 5:30-6pm.

"Afternoon": 8-8:30pm.

Evening: 11-11:30pm.

Green: Just before bed, usually around 1:30am.

This is still following the recommended "eat every 2-3 hours" and it has worked perfectly for me. Nutrition Support says that as long as you're getting in the recommended foods at the recommended intervals (5 Medifast meals and 1 L&G within a 24 hour period), the actual time you eat can be adjusted to suit your personal schedule and needs...

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I literally have to go to bed. I could go all day without eating, but at night I WANT TO EAT. I have been on and off Medifast for about 4 yrs. And when I have been successful, I have had to either 1. save a couple of my meals for night time. That means not eating as regularly as Medifast recommends so many would reject that idea.

Go to bed. or 3. Another NON recommended Medifast thing is have a few more pickles...or a SF jello or Popsicle brand makes a sf popsicle that is low in carbs.

***Please do not beat me for making suggestions that are not in total compliance. If you want the best results....stay 100% on plan, but if you are going to cheat...even a little make wise choices. Low carb. Low cal. Most flavor and substance for what you are sacrificing. Ok.

Good luck..


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I am a night eater TOO! I actually, just didn't eat. I did anything to NOT eat and get it to pass. I was really trying to CHANGE my ways. It was a craving and a habit for me. I just went to any lengths to not eat. I got online, read, I even walked on the treadmill, whatever it took.

If I can get through it, I know YOU can. Best of Luck to you. Dan..

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I take a bath... I do anything to get away from the kitchen!.

Good luck!..

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I understand the PM muchies. I have a sugar free ice pop to satisy and it usually works. The problem I have is I have stopped losing weight after my first 18 pounds. It has remained the same for three weeks despite sticking to the 5-1 and exercising. It is discouraging...

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OK..........So I HAD to google it. I LOVE DILLIGAF! That's my new favorite thing to say/type. Cool. I would say she is a biker too...

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Get you a good ice shaver from Walmart and get some of the sugar free snocone syrups they sell along side of them....I love shaved Ice all on it's own munchies are usually just mouth hunger, and the crunchy fine snow really helps! Best of luck to you!..

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Almost immediately I had those feelings, and ever since, I have the cleanest ,most organized closets in the world.......

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Don't know if it has been said yet but have you tried splitting your L&G meal into 2 sittings? Spacing them out may help out with the munchies...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.