A question about VitaminShoppe womens hair nails and skin multivitamin?

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My first question is: A question about VitaminShoppe womens hair nails and skin multivitamin?.

My next question is: Guys hope you can help me on this one in the 50s 60s and early 70s dianobol was the only drug available but from what I gather they had no pct ie clomed novadex etc I met mr olympia 1965 1966 larry scott last year and he informed me that the most he every took was 10mg a day most of the time 5mg larry is a man renowned for his integraty and honesty so I beleive him what I am baffoled about is from all the pics of the guys I have seen through out the 50s and 60s not one bodybuilder had any type of gyno or anything like that so this is why when I do my first cycle I'm gonna keep it at those doses without any pct btw will this shut down my test production? I'm thinking of doing 5mg a day for the first week then bump it up to 10mg a day thereafter for 4 weeks I'm gonna drink more water and more cranberry juice to flush out my kidneys also I'm gonna keep my suplementation spot on and get my eating in check I'm 18 so I think I might wait another year.

Thanks for listening guys nick..

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Your question was: A question about VitaminShoppe womens hair nails and skin multivitamin?.

Thanks for the advice mate I really do apreciate it and I will take it..

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How the hell did arnold get away with it? You know, i'd love to know how that son of a good gun got away with no gyno, the hugest amount of muscle mass ever at that time, no spots, no liver damge, no anything. And he chain smoked cigars! And he took roids from, like, 15 onwards. No groath stunt, bone deficiency, no anything. C'mon, does anyone out there know or have any idea what kind of dosages arni was running. Was he cycling? Did he take all year round? What. Oh, and if 10mg made those guys back in 60.70s look that good, then i'm afriad that does work, gymlad.

Their stomaches are bloated and swollen (Jay cutler, Ronni Colman). Shit, I saw a pic of colman, relaxing his stomach after a pose, and he looked pregnant. Arni, Franko Culubo, my god, Serg Nubra, Frank Zane etc; those guys were and are the greatest. If they were up on stage today, bodybuilding would remember that it used to be about muscle and symitry as well. Not just who looks like the biggest, bloated price of shit, loaded with the most amount of drugs all year round, on stage ever.

Jay cutlers liver must look like a piece of microwaved shit. Why I despise what has become of bodybuiding is becuse of the extreams it's been taken too. It means anyone who wants to become the best in our spot has to kill themsleves or they cannot compete. It's like a sport, where unless you're willing to die, you can't play. Step on stage natural, or not loaded with drugs or ten diffrent types to counter the side effects of the other several, and you'll look like a looser.

It's disgusting. And it's all becuse of the incresing demand to do more drugs to get an edge on the next man. HGH? Jesus, man, they're all on that stuff, and it's deadly! It shortens the life span man, just so that one man can step up on a stage and look bigger than the next man. And this will be done forver, or to even further extreams..

Stay low, gymlad, experiment, but stay low. If it worked back then, it'll work now. Despite what suaceman says, much as I respect him for the advice he's given me. And the side effects will be less, the liver damage will be less. In moderation, the greatest achivments can be made, and you will live (at least longer) to enjoy them, in moderation. I'm no riod expert, as to expeireince I have none, as for the passion of my sport, I have it in here, in the heart, where it matters most, and I am saddened.

It worked then, it'll work now. Funny how all the guys back then, are alive right now, and healthy. Lui Ferigno, Ken waller, arni, mike cats, etc. Moderate man, lives long. Indulegnt man either becomes obese or grows breasts, or goes to the grave with breats and obese. Experiment, but stay low.

I ask my girl friend what she prefered over the years when I adjusted my diet, training regime - big muscle mass, or less and a ripped, hard look..

She prefred the ripped hard look, and so did her firends, and their friends, and when you look ripped and hard you get the respect anyway, becuse people look at you and know you have that edge, that force inside they cannot secrete, that will to lift steel, that disiplin to meet your goals as a man, and achive as a champion of yourself - and not like an impacient selfish child who wants the biggest and the most as fast as possible and all for himself. Gain and maintain a good amount of muscle, whith or wihtout drugs, but if with stay low - so you can give yourself a push, not an abrupt shuve, and you will be a winner. Muscle bound, and ripped to the bone. That takes a dedication to diet and training - even with drugs (low, comparitivly safe doses) - that even the bloated beasts with fat pot bellies cannot achive, and man, the ladies love it..

It breaks down to two things: other men will repect size and stregnth, but unless you want man breath on your neck in the night and something sliding inside you with no effect but to cure constipation in the long term, or cause it (compact it) why bother..

Impress the ladies, they respect - scratch that, are in awe of a ripped, muscle bound body. Look at most men, ie the avergae man around you. Is he ripped? No. Is he muscly, no. Even moderatly, no. Does he have what it takes, that real edge? No.

Playing his playstation, and eating mcdonalds. When he goes to the gym, if he does goes to the gymn, he pisses around with no real motivation and then quits, or might as well do. Then look at yourself, and imagine the ladies singling you out amoungst this crowd. Why. Becue you're muscley and ripped and that takes something else, that takes something admirable.

If you can be moderate, and gain even more of an edge than you already have (over the average-man, and live long to enjoy it), why go wild?.

Good luck gymlad. And lastly, girls don't like zits, man. Higher doses, more zits. And I have not met a girl yet who prefers gno man-buds from hard, ripped, stirated pecks..


Remebr the 60s, remebr the greats..

Gods who started out as men..


Men, who became drug-fueled monsters, and deformed the face of one of the finest and greatest sports of all time..

Eastbayray. Over, but not out...

Comment #2

Then how much would you recommend if I would like to take dianobol ? per week. for eg, 140mg/wk. I know since it's oral I cant xpect much but how much is enough ? heard there are also side effects if overdosed ? .

A newbie in this..

Comment #3

Good post eastbayray - I totally agree. I think roids should be used as an aid and theres no need to take huge amounts. theres no substitute for hard work and if your banging every drug under the sun in massive amounts -your body will become used to it and wont respondto natural gains. I'm not saying I disagree with cycles, but I think low amounts are the way forward. a test based cycle with some dinabol initially seems the best option from what iv learned. si..

Comment #4

35mg ED is a good dose in my opinion. Dbol has a short half-life so split the doses 2-3 times per day to keep blood levels more stable...

Comment #5


I have just started an oral only cycle of Dbol although I will be using a transdermal test as well on my last 2 weeks..

I dont want to be huge so I started off safe at 25mg and have just gone upto 30mg..

I have already put on 4lbs and my arm messurements have all gone up..

(Now on my second week).

(Yes i've read loads of reviews and articles about how I will lose it all after the course, but i've also read some that have kept a good amount. Fingers crossed).

What I'm trying to say is be cautious. You dont know how your body will respond to a drug so be careful. I was making gains on 25mg and at the moment i'm very happy...

Comment #6

I think the main aspect that is being missed out here is that each individual has there own goals and ideas of how they want to look..

There is only so hard you can train before you reach your natural genetic limits. If you are not happy with this then this is where a sensible attitude to gear comes in..

In regards to eastbay (no offence) I would say that a low dosage (10mg pd) would be more irresponsible as it is unlikely to promote the gains required, after all you turn to gear to promote a larger quicker growth than you could naturally and such a low dose would be in and out of the system within 6hours. What good will this do? This is showing disrespect to the drug and is the equivalent of using the drug recreationally, not a good idea..

Im no gear expert but from the research I have carried out and the short course that I have just run then this is my own personal experience...

Comment #7

Hi nick, thats the golden question mate how did arnie n co build those classic physiques with comparitively so little knowledge ? I dont know but I know it definately wasn`t with 10mg of d/bol n a pint of skimmed milk a day thats 4 sure !!! if your thinkin of doin your 1st cycle fair play to you your right to be causious, but a tiny amount of d/bol alone wont really do a great deal. so on the other hand dont be over causious your only scratchin the surface at present. I personally went 4 a 9 wk cycle of sustanon 250, deca n d/bol only small amounts of each but the combination worked 4 me (let me no n il post the exact corse if you want). I put on about 20lbs n kept about 15 of that in solid gains afterwards, my strength went thru the roof as did my sex drive, hence unplanned daughter no.2 !! watch out 4 that 1 !!! good luck pal.


Comment #8

Eastbayray-couldnt agree more-i`d like to know what else they took-arnie ate d-bols like smarties though (i beleive)..

Comment #9

This is one of the best posts I have read. Although I do agree with steroids etc I dont agree with steroid abuse. I disagree with so many young teens taking gear when they havnt even built a decent foundation...

Comment #10 - Planet Muscle - Steroids: Muscle Miracle Or Dangerous Myth?..

Comment #11

I remember when I did a low dosage 20mg a day for 4 weeks, I gained about 12 kept 8 I had a good clean diet and trained 3 times a week, I have lost it all now though thats what training for endurance comps do to you. Anyway I know d-bol is not the best to start with but I do wonder if people compare the results to test and other injectables, hence people saying the gains are not that good also everyones expectations of results do vary from person to person...

Comment #12


Don't use steroids for a novice training in bodybuilding....

...for a dianabol, use MAX 40mg every days... bootneck use 20mg and he gains, it's perfect, use the cycle of bootneck I recommanded it for a new user..

By all..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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