Why We Recommend OxyPowder

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Why do we recommend OxyPowder? There are many reasons, but the major one is because it's natural and safe with no serious side effects. OxyPowder and all other products developed by Dr. Group are FDA inspected. Other colon cleansers in the market are backed by false marketing claims, and made of uknown ingredients. Those colon cleansers are scams, unlike OxyPowder. We at CandidaBlog don't recommend such products because of the unknown health risks.

The Oxy-powder colon cleanse is not trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead they are simply improving a good thing. The levels of oxygen used in OxyPowder are healthy and safe for your body. The body naturally absorbs this oxygen, while the excess waste and toxins are being liquefied. The benefits of using oxygen are that it can get into small spaces and crevices in your colon that a fiber cleanser could not.

OxyPowder is also helpful in relieving constipation. It can be used short term to give your system a much needed cleanse. It can also be used long term to help maintain your body’s health.

Although it isn't designed for weight loss, many people who use OxyPowder for 2-4 months end up losing weight as well. This is not a surprise since we have so much mucoid plaque in our colons, and this is the cause of our excess pounds. OxyPowder provides much needed oxygen deep into our bowels to eliminate this plaque, and as a result, most people lose weight with OxyPowder.

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oxy-powder review The following ingredients of OxyPowder have been thoroughly researched.

The ingredients of OxyPowder include:

Ozonated Magnesium:

• acts as a colonic motivator and promotes bowel function.
• reacts naturally in hydrochloric acid or water.
• helps ease symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and constipation.

Organic Germanium 132:

• lowers and stabilizes blood pressure and cholesterol.
• stimulates the production of Interferon (helps prevent virus replication)
• encourages the growth of T-cells and NK-Lymphocytes.
• encourages the absorption of oxygen by your internal organs.
• protects your body against radiation damage.

Natural Citric Acid:

• naturally occurs in your metabolism.
• helps facilitate the oxygenation and cleansing process of OxyPowder.
• helps metabolism carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into carbon dioxide and water.
• helps regulate your blood’s pH balance.
• easily metabolized by the body.
• is a water softener, and a natural degreaser.

Organic Gum Acacia:

• helps relieve diarrhea.
• reduces malabsorption.
• increases your dietary fiber intake.
• helps lower your cholesterol.
• helps curb your appetite.
• adds bulk to your bowel movements.

Why isn’t oxygen listed as an ingredient?

FDA guidelines only require the physical elements in the bottle to be listed. Oxygen is released when is interacts with hydrochloric acid which is found in the stomach.

Benefits of Vegetarian Capsules:

• they are easily absorbed into the body.
• they are free from side effects.
• they are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives.
• they are easy to swallow and digest.
• the capsules are clear which allows you to see the contents.
• they help promote an organic or vegetarian lifestyle.
• preserves animal life.
• they are 100% natural. This means there is no environmental pollution in the manufacturing. And they are 100% Kosher Certified which is relevant for those with cultural, vegetarian, or religious beliefs.

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Using Oxy Powder

oxy-powder review You start by ingesting 4 capsules of Oxy-Powder in the evening on am empty stomach, accompanied by an 8 oz. glass of water. You should be having 3-5 bowel movements per day. If this is not the case, increase the dosage by 2 until you reach this. Once you have a achieved 3-5 successful bowel movements, this will count as day 1. You will continue the process for 7 days in order to make use of the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse. Afterwards, you can take the maintenance dosages as needed. It is safe to take OxyPowder everyday, however if you are simply doing it for maintenance, then every other day will be effective.

During maintenance you will take the same dosage you used during the 7-Day Cleanse. You can do this indefinitely without concern of it being habit forming.

Drinking water regularly is recommended when using OxyPowder. But this is also recommended to maintain your health on an everyday basis. If you wish to get the most you can from OxyPowder, you can drink a glass of water with a lemon wedge with it.

Like any colon cleanse, it is important to try to maintain a healthy diet if you wish to maximize the benefits. You will still see a great deal of benefits if you are not able to follow all the diet recommendations. However that will be the difference between seeing some benefits, and receiving the maximum benefits. Generally you are recommended to avoid processed foods, alcohol, carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks, fried and fatty foods.

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What Are OxyPowder Benefits?

oxy-powder review Oxy-Powder will:

• improve body odor
• improve appetite
• help regulate and improve on weight problems
• improve and remedies bad breath
• relieve and prevents back pain
• increase your energy level
• improve your mood, creating a feeling of wellness
• reduce and eliminates constipation
• improve your immune system
• reduce bloating
• maximize your body’s ability to absorb nutrients
• improve your complexion
• detoxify your body

You might be asking yourself, how is all this possible from a single supplement? The answer lies in our colon and what we do to it on a regular basis. We’ve created a culture and society of speed and convenience. Fast food, junk food, processed foods, and many others may taste great, but are harmful to our system. The body takes longer to process and eliminate these foods, and some are even toxic to the body.

This is often not much a concern when we are young. Why? Because this is a slow gradual process. However many begin to notice small problems as they age. We develop methods or ways to get around these problems, and go about our day. However this continues to build up and cause problems in our later years. Many of the chronic and reoccurring conditions of the elderly are caused by a toxic system.

Other organs in the body become affected in trying to deal with the problem. Modern medicine’s response to this is simply to resolve the most problematic issue. This means they are addressing the symptoms and not the problem. So the problems can soon come back.

Using OxyPowder, assists the body in naturally cleansing and detoxifying itself. This will help return your body to a healthier state.

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Important Questions!

oxy-powder review

Is Oxy-Powder Safe?

Yes, Oxypowder is completely safe. It is a 100% Kosher Certified vegetarian capsule. The effects of oxygen used within the body has also been thoroughly studied, and OxyPowder is well within a safe range.OxyPowder is also manufactured under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and is FDA approved.

Is OxyPowder habit forming?

No! If it appears to be habit forming, then you likely have an undiagnosed bowel dysfunction, or other ailment that is preventing your body from functioning properly.

Can I take OxyPowder every day?

Yes, you can take it every day. You can use OxyPowder for a powerful 7 day cleanse. However, if you plan to use it regularly to help maintain a clean system, it is recommended that you take OxyPowder every other day.

Is OxyPowder safe to take with presciption medications?

OxyPowder has been around for a decade, and there are currently no problems taking it in conjunction with any medication. You are however advised to take OxyPowder either 6 hours before or 6 hours after taking your medication(s). Remember, if you have any doubts, always speak to your health care professional!

Does OxyPowder have any symptoms or side effects?

You will experience watery, gaseous stools. This is not diarrhea. This is the result of excess build up and toxins being liquefied in order to pass easily. Like with all colon cleansers you may experience some die off effects if you’ve already been experiencing some noticeable problems. This is simply the body purging all the toxins from your body. If this is a cause for concern, give OxyPowder at least a full 30 days to help balance your system. They are committed to customer satisfaction, thus they have excellent customer service, and a 100% money back guarantee.

Can OxyPowder be taken while pregnant or nursing?

You should speak to your health care professional regarding your dosage. Many doctors are comfortable giving mothers half of the normal dosage after their first trimester. If your baby’s stool becomes loose during dosage, please reduce your dosage until it returns to normal.

Is OxyPowder safe for children?

There are currently no problems with children taking OxyPowder. However like all dietary supplements, you should speak with your health care provider before giving it to your children. Safety First!

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OxyPowder Testimonials

"I Feel 100% Better!"

I have been taking laxatives my whole life to boot & not only did my body become addicted to the laxatives but they made me sick to my stomach. I started to become fatiged all the time, & felt like I was walking around in a fog half the time. I found this website & after reading the testimonials I tried the product & its everything it claims to be!
- Mabelline B., Jackson, New Jersey

"No More Suffering!"

I no longer suffer from chronic constipation & cannot believe the difference in my skin & energy level. Had I not stumbled onto your product Im not sure I would have ever made the connection between a clean colon & good health. Thank you for a wonderful product, I plan to use it the rest of my life & my dad is now using Oxy-Powder too!
- Theresa J., Indianapolis, Indiana

"I Lost 14 Pounds!"

About 10 years ago I was in a car accident that left me with a good amount of physical trauma. Until I took Oxy-Powder, I would have bowel movements only once every 2 or 3 months. So, I tried the 7-Day Cleanse and lost 14 pounds. It was quite a shock to me to find that I had that much waste in my body. Since taking Oxy-Powder, Ive felt better, have had regular bowel movements (2 to 3 per day), & have kept the 14 pounds off without dieting. I am so impressed that I will be a lifetime user of Oxy-Powder.
- Jennifer N., Hixon, Tennessee

"I Have More Energy"

I finished my first bottle of Oxy-Powder®, and I must say, it has done everything it promises!! My skin has not broken out and my digestive system is functioning extremely well after months of constipation. I have more energy and I’ve lost 8 pounds. Thanks Oxy-Powder!
- C. Carrillo, Brooklyn, NY

"Recommended to Patients"

While attending the ABEIM convention in Dallas, I purchased a bottle of Oxy-Powder and got several brochures. I really like the action of the cleanser and would like to start several of my patients on it.
- Dr. Robert F. Moor, N. M. D, C. N. C Jefferson, Indiana

Online Special: 15% Off OxyPowder With Coupon Code: candidablog

We always recommend ordering at least 3+ bottles of OxyPowder because cleansing takes time, folks!

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