6 weeks of Medifast - it does work!

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Today was my 6 week weigh in and I am shocked to say I have lost 30lbs in 6 weeks. This is truly amazing to me. I normally dont lose this fast. I have no thyroid ( removed when I was 25) and had a radical total hysterectomy 8 months ago...these two things combined have made it tough for me to lose weight. So I was suprised to see I was losing fast on this program. I LOVE IT.

The best thing for me about this program is that I like it! I enjoy the food and I have not been hungry since the 3rd day on program......amazing.......I have been hungry for 20 years before starting Medifast. Its true, I was hungry all the time. Now I feel really more hunger..

Some things that have made this plan easier for me is my Magic Bullet. I create the best tasting things in it. My whole family wants some of my "icecream" I eat every night and the shakes with a little Sugar Free Syrup taste as good as from a restaurant......yummy!!.

The other thing that has helped me stay on plan is that I feel good....really good. Before Medifast I had alot of stomach issues....upset stomach after eating, runnning to the bathroom as soon as I ate. Well all these are gone. I have a happy belly!.

I know I can stick to this program and cant wait til I am at goal. I have been overweight for 20 years so this is a huge change for me. I have so many things I want to do and experience that I never would have tried being "obese".....MF is giving me my life back to enjoy....thank you!!!..

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Yay!! That's so wonderful - congratulations on losing 30 lbs in 6 weeks - WOWSERS!!!! It feels wonderful, huh? keep up the great work - you're doing AWESOME!!..

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Excellent!!! I was thinking the same thing this morning, I WISH I had discovere this program sooner. Like 2 years ago when I "starved" myself before my wedding. I did lose 22 pounds, but gee, that put me in a whole size 16! If I only knew......

Comment #2

Congrats Girl! It's this program great and I agree, I feel so much better!.

Awesome - 30 pounds gone forever!.

I hope you have some nice "non-food related" awards set for yourself - like a mani/pedi or a nice massage...

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Thanks for all the nice responses. Everyone here is so encouraging. I dont really have any rewards planned because I spoil myself all the, massages, facials ect. So I was trying to think of something different for my rewards. Well without even realizing it I am being is how......first off since the second week on program I have not had to take my Blood Pressure pills.....I feel ALIVE.....My hubby is looking at me all the time....I see my chin again.....I want to go out places more often......there is a whole list of things everyday that reward me for my choice to stay 100% on program. So I have decided no "rewards" persay just all the added benefits of losing weight....those are rewards enough for me...

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CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I am about to start the program- just trying to decide whether to get the package or customize the program. Just curious- what did you do (order for the month or individually) and what do you typically do for your lean and green?.

THANKS SOOOOOOOO much! & continued success for you!!!!!!!!!.


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The 1st month I bought the variety pack. But I didn't like some of the foods that are in it. So now I order the 20 boxes you need per month and I change it up each time- trying new items and stopping ones I get sick of..

You've made a great decision! Medifast is the only program that has worked for me. I want to stay on plan instead of finding ways to cheat. I started June 16th and down 45lbs!..

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Congrats on your 30 lbs! That is awesome. I am on week 3 and LOVE this program and you are right, it does work. Thanks for sharing your story...

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Congratulations on your success!! The above statement was so cute/funny/true.....I chuckled...

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That's wonderful!!! This is my first day and I can't wait to post my first weeks weight loss. Not to mention my 6th week. You are doing a great job and you inspire me..



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Congratulations! You are off to an awsome start with such a positive. I am the new captain of Green Team on the Challenge Board. You are definately on target and we would love to have you join us in the next challenge. Personal message me if you would like to join us..

Again, great job, you are definately a winner!.


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Hey......who has a recipe for the Medifast ice cream....Blondcanuk..

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HI I have an underactive thyroid I am going to start the plan next week. will it work if the thyroid is underactive? I take synthroid .125mg and cytomel .25. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2001 I lost 110lbs,then 16 months later I got pregant ,after the birth of my daughter I developed an underactive thyroid I gained 20 lbs from the pregancy, and still trying to lose it.i have about 80lbs total to lose,i did keep 95 lbs off from the sugery,but never made it to goal weight. any advice thanks dana..

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That is AWESOME! I'm only on week two and have only lost 8 pounds but I'm hopeful. So happy for you!! Keep up the good work!..

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Thanks for giving a newbie a whallop of inspiration! Today's my first day and I hope to get the happiness glow your post is radiating.

Great job!..

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I personally always like to pick my own food. I found it really easy to stick with this plan and I also wish I found it a few years ago. When I think of all the time I wasted on other plans that did not work, what a waste..

MF I am at my goal weight and then some down 3 dress sizes but most of all, I have control now and I have learned so much about myself! as well as the reasons why I binged...

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What an awesome message. I couldn't agree with your more!!!!.


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Wow! You're doing a great job!.

It's really working for me too! I'm in my 10th month OP and I've now lost 165. I was a size 28 and now I'm a 12. I used to take two different HBP medications now none. I used to have hot flashes and night sweats these are all but gone. BUT the most amazing thing is the exercise. I started walking when I had lost 100 lbs.

I'm just not the same person I was!.

Life is good!.

Thanks MF!..

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