5 Shakes and L&G possible on Medifast?

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Has anyone done 5 shakes and lean & green for their meal plan? If so, do you feel it helped you lose pounds faster?.



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I always mixed up my five Medifast meals during the day, to prevent boredom. I really don't know if anyone has said if this helps to do all shakes and L/G or not,,,,hopefully someone will see this who has tried it and chime in...

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I do not think just doing shakes will help you lose much weight much fasterthis is why. The shakes, soup, pudding, and oatmeal are within 10-15 calories of each other. That means you would save possibly 60 at best. If you love the shakes, maybe you should do it, it won't hurt you. For most people though I would assume that it would be harder to stick with a plan that makes you drink 5 shakes instead of having variety..

The bars have around 150 calories (one per day) so if you cut those out you would save an additional 60 calories.

I am tempted to do all these things; however, I am going to stick to the plan 100%. I think it is best the way it is for reasons I may not understand. It is time tested and proven to work..

I will enjoy my tasty bar every day and enjoy the variety of foods Medifast has to offer. Sticking to the plan makes you lose weight very quickly without feeling deprived..

Another consideration is that when you acheive your goals and transition into life, you will not be drinking 5 shakes a day for the rest of your life. You will be eating mini meals of healthy foods. Following the plan lets you realistically see how you will be able to eat for the rest of your life. I can imagine having the same mini meals of real food just like the Medifast plan after I am done with MF. It will be easier than if I were to just have shakes say for example..

Good luck with your journey. I think most people think of all these questions, but in the end, success comes to those who just stick with the plan 100%. (like me, I can't wait! )..

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I do only shakes just because I prefer them over the other stuff. I have a very sensitive tummy...everything else makes me nauseous. I dont get bored with just drinking the shakes either. I do either the RTD or Appetite Supp shakes...

Comment #3

For me all shakes and L/G works best, only because I like the shakes better than the other meals. Maybe you could do a little experimenting to see what works best for you..since it's really an individual issue rather than a plan issue...

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Thanks everyone for your input. I have to remember the most important thing is stay OP 100% and do whatever it takes to make that happen and the rest will take care of itself. I was curious if anyone did do all shakes. I think I need a little more "chew" in the plan, but maybe some of the days I can do all shakes. Thanks!..

Comment #5

I feel the chili and Chicken and Wild Rice Soup add some nice chewability sensation! Have you tried them? Also the Vegetable Stew!..

Comment #6

I've been doing all shakes since I started at the end of May. It's only been the last few weeks that I "found" the Medifast chocolate pudding. Now I have shakes all week and shakes and pudding on the weekends.

In my last order, I did get a box of Maryland crab soup...I'm so damn cold all the time, I thought it might be a good thing to try..........

Comment #7

I had 4 shakes and one Medifast meal then my L&G. I did that for about a week or so and it worked out wonderfully for me. For my L&G I would have fish and veggies. I love fish so that was no problem for me. Just remember everyone is different so don't get discouraged...

Comment #8

Yea I have all shakes and a L&G ... it works good for me... and it's fit in to my schedule..

Comment #9


I'm diabetic so my Medifast foods are limited. But I do enjoy my 3 cereals, the 2 bars, 2 cream soups, chicken noodle soup, and I can have 3 of the types of shakes offered on MF. I usually have 3 shakes and 2 of the other choices a day along with my L & G. Works for me..

As has been noted, everyone is different and what works for one may not for the next person...

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