3 weeks done with Nutrystem - my results

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Today marks 3 full weeks down on the program. 2 more weeks to go on the 35 day program. I splured on Saturday night at a friends wedding so it will take me 3-4 days to get back to my low point and keep loosing. I officially weighted in at 220.4 on Saturday morning before the wedding. I eliminated 3 packets of sugar with my coffee and now enjoy my coffee with just one sugar packet and skim milk. I'm still working on cutting out all diet sodas, finding it hard to go without the flavor with certain foods...

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Your question was: 3 weeks done with Nutrystem - my results.

OMG! My first weigh -in and I've lost, zilch!! I'm SO disappointed, I want to cry. I'm trying to figure out where I went wrong. I thought I was doing great following the plan. I need some motivation to keep me going. Help!..

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Melissa - keep going!!!! If you do the plan, it will work. It might take some time but it will work. Look around on these boards for inspiration and some before and after pictures. AMAZING results..

I'm in 11 weeks and down 29 pounds. You too can do this!..

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Those having trouble drinking the water - try flavoring some with Crystal Light, 4C or WalMart brands....

Also many folks lose nothing to start - especially if they have had restrictive eating habits or cut out meals. On Nutrisystem we are learning a healthy eating plan and it does include a lot of food. Sometimes takes the body a while to get acclimated. Good luck to you all - follow the Plan and it works!..

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Yes, don't pay attention how fast you start at the beginning. I always carry a lot of water weight so it comes off easy at the beginning. For example, just because of the one night wedding, today I weighted in at 224 lbs. It's just water retention from the alcohol and salt. Your body will kick in with weight loos and once it does, you have to keep it going. A lot more important to keep it going than getting started...

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Jgreg32 - way to go! I'm on the same boat as you as I'm about to reach my 3rd week in a few days. So far, things have been good but I'm kind of nervous about that 3rd week mark after reading these boards! lol TEMPTATIONS ARE GONNA START CREEPING UP! But it's okay, we can beat it! :P.

MelissaMc1969 - Hey girl, I feel your pain and understand the disappointment that comes when you see that your scale's not responding to all your hard work- but it will eventually! I promise! I also see that you've joined Nutrisystem this month; how long have you been actually been on it? I say you give yourself a few more days before you weigh in again, and don't beat yourself up over it!..

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I like mixing seltzer or club soda with s/f syrup tastes better than diet soda with no after taste..

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Don't give up. It is not unusual to not loose any weight right at first. A lot has to do with what your diet had been like before you started NS. Have you read PamSB's My Page yet? She didn't loose anything for the first 2 weeks either, and went on to loose over 100 pounds. You should look at her story and all the other advice she has there for newcomers to NS.

Good luck. Nutrisystem works and if you work the program and stay on plan you are going to loose the weight. But you may need to heal it up and convince it that you are really going to be taking better care of it before it is ready to let go of those first pounds. You can to this!!!..

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