2nd week plateau on Medifast?

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Hi there, everyone!.

First of all, congratulations on all your hard work and tremendous success! I think "inspiring" needs some new synonyms so it doesn't wear it's poor self out, but that's definitely what so many of you are!.

I'm a little shy and private so I'm never too into posting on boards and things (this is my first timebe gentle and forgive me for going on so long)..

Anyway, I'm only on my 2nd week of Medifast and am already discouraged. I lost 9 lbs my first week and this week .5 (and tomorrow's my weigh in day). I've stayed completely on the program every single day! No licks, bites, anything! Loads and loads of water...Weighing and measuring my l&g. The only things that varied this week I can figure are that I went to bed later most nights this week and I had a harder time eating all 5 of the meals so I'd sometimes have to jam 2 in close to each other in the evening. And, I ran out of the momentum drinks for a few days (but replacements came in a few days ago)..

So, in a way, I'm not surprised as this is the way my body _always_ responds and it is always VERY reluctant to give up weight past a first burst. But, I also was surprised as it seems others have so much success with Medifast and I was thinking Medifast would finally be the ticket to help me past these early plateaus and finally lose all this weight (about 70 to go). In all my looking around at the boards and dietician messages, I've not seen anyone lose so little so early (unless they weren't following the program) and I've not found any particular advice for such a scenario..

I'm going to stick with it, of course, but it's hard to not be sad/discouraged when I was previously so excited. Any advice at all would be so welcome! And thanks so very much for even reading (and for all of you putting out so much inspiring and helpful information!).


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It is impossible to be at a plateau after only 2 weeks. A plateau is defined as 3 or more weeks with absolutely no weight loss. You've lost 9.5 pounds in 2 weeks! That is a lot for your body to adjust to. I think you are probably just expecting too much of yourself. The average weight loss is 2-5 pounds per week (not that you will lose 2-5 pounds weekly, but that your losses will average out to that over time). You are very much at the high end of the average right now, so do not be discouraged just because you did not lose more.

Of course this how your body responds. It is how the human body is designed to respond. Once your brain realizes that you are NOT going to starve, it will accept the lower calorie level and begin using your stored fat for fuel. It is exactly how we are designed to preserve ourselves. Do not be frustrated, sad, or discouraged. You just need to give your brain time to catch up with what your body is doing.

Please stick with this and take encouragement from the fact that your body is working properly and that you have already seen great success in a very short time. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!.

Please come back and post often, especially when you begin to feel discouraged or defeated..

Also, if you haven't already, take your measurements! Even when you aren't losing pounds, you are still losing fat. A lot of times, internal fat is lost with little or no reflection in the numbers on the scale. The fat that disappears from around your organs will certainly make you healthier, even if you don't see it at your weigh-in..

Again, you can do this! I wish you great success...

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Oh, SFLRaven! Thank you!.

First of all, I didn't know that was the definition of a plateau; I thought any slow/stall was. And, you're right. Of course 9.5 lbs is a lot for 2 weeks (for me anyway. My hubby can lose like 15 in a week if he even tried, darn him!).

Why do things seem so obvious/make sense when someone else presents them back? But, I sure am glad you didfeeling better already. Thanks again!..

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I'm in the same boat as you. 9 lbs the first week and 1 the second. Very discouraging, but.everyone can see a difference already.

Hang in there and hopefully we'll both start dropping a lot more!..

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I would mix it up a your body is not used to what it is doing...either add walking or do you like any sports? Just something to make a change....also, I would keep a journal of what you are eating to see if it is maybe one thing or another that causes a snag...(years ago when I did a low carb diet, I had completely stalled after using stevia...2 weeks...the day I stopped using it my weight continued rootbeer did it too...). But hang in can do it!..

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Thanks, everyone!.

Once I realized I'd never before lost that much weight that quickly and calmed down about it, things seemed to go more smoothly. And, for anyone else in a similar boat, I didn't recognize any huge changes in my body, but, I guess that's because I tend to carry weight _all over_ rather than in one or two main areas. But, I did take measurements as SFLRaven recommended and realized I'd lost 2 or 3 inches on each and every part of my body! That made me happier..

The weight stayed the same for a few more daysjust one more .5 loss and then I finally busted through with another 1.5 lbs yesterday. The other key thingor so I'm toldis this particular weight I'm at now is where I was the longest in my adult life. I've fluctuated a lot above it, but never have gotten lower so perhaps it's some kind of preferred weight my bod likes and is harder to get through it? Who knows, but, I'll be glad to see the back of it!.

Moglie: thanks so much for that advice too! I usually row, run, or walk each day, and do modified Crossfit workouts a few days a week, but had cut it down the first two weeks so I wouldn't be exhausted/famished. Foodwise...I only ate 5 & 1 l&g the first two weeks (l&g was either raw spinach or arugula with lean turkey _every day_). The only beverages other than water was when I had the Essential 1 that first week and latter part of the second (hence the frustrationdidn't seem possible to be more by the book than I was doing it). What I found interesting about the most recent loss is that yesterday, I had my l&g much earlier in the day and had pork instead of turkey....makes me wonder if I might need more calories from time to time and do truly need to "mix it up" a bit moreas you say..

Resuming regular workouts starting tomorrow so we'll see how it goes! Thanks again, everyone! For the advice and for being so kind and helpful!..

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I have had the same experience as you Silversmithy - although my stalled loss went on for 3 weeks & finally last week, I lost 2.8 pounds over two days. This resulted from something I read somewhere in one of these thread posts that if you do strictly shakes and drink water 1/2 your weight in oz daily (i.e. weigh 200 divided by 2 equals 100, you drink 100 oz of water daily) that you could kick start your weight loss again. I did exactly this when I dropped the nearly 3 pounds last week but it hasn't continued to work since I have been stuck at the same weight since last Thursday..

I found your post interesting and the response by sflraven was very uplifting and has really helped me put things back into perspective..

Thanks you guys - you have no idea how this thread has helped me in this difficult quest!.

Good luck to you all...

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I started the diet and lost four pounds in a week. then in the next week, gained it back.. I am feeling really frustrated with this.. I am now on my third week, and am hoping that I see some changes....

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