2nd week of no weight loss from Medifast

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I am not a veteran of MF. But I thought since this is the board where all the veterans hang out I figured some one would know..

I have just completed my 3rd week. I have not lost any weight..with the exception of 1 lb in my 2nd week. I am doing everything like I am supposed to. I follow the directions in making my soups, pudding's and shakes (I use the Medifast receipe to make the Mocha Freeze). I have my 1 L & G meal for supper. This is fusterating because I am not losing weight.


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I am so sorry, I know exactly how frustrating that can be! I don't have any words of wisdom, if you are working the program I would imagine you should be losing unless you have medical issues..

Are you measuring your LG? Drinking lots of water? Getting all your meals in?..

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I have to tell you that in my 3rd week of Medifast I didn't lose and it ended up being a plateau, I had 3 weeks with no weight loss. I was ready to give up but then finally I lost. Or could it possibly be hormonal?..

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After that great first week, it's tough to go 3 weeks now with only a 1 lb loss... Most of my advice is the same as Smetz's.

Drinking all your water?.

Measuring L/G (you could be getting too much or too little, both can be bad)?.

Eating all your meals even if you aren't hungry?.

Is it TOM?.

Have you started exercising? If not, might be a good time to start. If you have, are you exercising too much?.

Are you on medication that could be slowing your loss?.

Are you constipated? (Sorry to be so personal...) If yes, you might need to add fiber..

Before you get too frustrated, contact Nutrisystem - they have great ideas for getting weight loss started again. Good luck and stick with it... the weight can't hold on forever!.


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Are you exercising? That is a big key also. My loss has been slow and this week I am up a pound I think because I started weight lifting, but things are fitting better so I am still smiling. It can be frustrating but hang in there...

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I just started getting all of my water in. It was very hard for me to. So I started to add Crystal to help, but I heard that can be bad, so I cut out the Crystal Light. There were about 3 days where I only got in 4 meals and not 5. When I buuy my fish I have them weigh it out so it is 7 oz..does that change once I cook it? HMMM???? I dont nornally weigh the lettuce, cucumber's, or tomatoes. Maybe that has something to do with it.....I did start exercising.

I was constipated, but I started drinking herbal tea at night which helps me, so as of right now I am not. I had TOM the 1 st week on MF, and I am not on any meds right now.

This week I will count how many oz's of water, and make sure that I measure my veggies at night. Should I work out longer? When I do I am walking. Should I do something else?..

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I suspect it's the low water and missing a few meals that might be your culprit. And your L/Gs might be low because your protein weight should be your "after" cooking weight. Do you have a scale? If you weigh your fish (or meat) after you cook it once, you should have a good idea how much you need to ask the butcher to add to make your cooked weight. Isn't it funny that eating too little might be causing you to NOT lose weight!.

I think starting with 25 min of exercise is good. Then you can work up to 45 eventually. Walking is a great way to start, eventually you might want to add some toning exercises to tighten things up as you lose... Good luck... Keep us posted on how it's going...

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Thanks for the suggestion BeckiM. I am going to the market today and I'll have to play around with the weight a bit. Thanks. Yeah it isure is weird how too little can make a world of a diffrence.

Thanks Veterans!!!..

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Up or double your water intake. Don't eat any of the bars for a week, just the regular foods. Maybe a little walking or cardio. That usually does the trick!..

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You're definitely eating too little by your description, and if you don't eat enough, then your body thinks you're starving and holds on to everything..

Fish loses about half it's weight when it is cooked (depending on type), so if you cooked a 7oz piece of fish, you only ate about 3.5 oz. Same with chicken. Meat loses about 30-40% depending on how you cook it (rare to well). The L portion of L&G is alot of food. Also, 1.5 cups of green beans = a whole can of green beans, etc..

You have to eat all 5 Medifast meals, or again, your body thinks it is starving. Although you shouldn't make it a habit, you can double up Medifast meals in extreme situations where you can't fit them all in..

The 64oz of water need to be plain - someone once explained that if you bind the water molecules with Crystal Light, Tea, Coffee, etc. then they can't bind with the fat to transport it out of your system. You can drink Crystal Light, just don't count it as your water intake..

I always gained .5-1.5 lbs 3 days after TOM ended and plateaued for 5-6 days. I weighed daily and tracked the ups and downs every month. You may be at a similar time for your cycle. I reposted my findings about my monthly weight fluctuations on the New to Medifast board a week or so ago..

You didn't mention your height, but by your current weight, you have to be fairly close to a healthy BMI. Weight loss is typically slower as you get closer to goal. I lost an average of 1.8 - 1.9 lbs per week over any 4 week period, but it was never consistent. I had many weeks of 1lb or less losses. If you're following the plan, you will lose weight, so try not to get discouraged by one week - look over the long term..

Otherwise, you still may want to talk to Nutrisystem to validate that you're following the plan correctly. Good Luck...

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The less weight you have to lose, the slower the rate of loss will be. I agree with everything that CherylC had to say about measuring. Everything you cook will lose volume and/or weight, and Medifast specifically says that portions are based on after cooking weights and measures.

As for exercise, it is great for toning up. But if you are building up any muscle, then you can be gaining muscle mass (weight) as fast as you are losing weight (fat). However, there is a good part to this - you are going to lose inches, plus in the long run muscle burns calories faster than fat, so it will help with losing weight eventually. Just for fun, take your measurements and see if anything has been happening in that department.

The body has a way of trying to prevent starvation. That is what plateaus are about. Even when doing the plan just right, they will happen because the body is resisting change. So once you get yourself correctly on plan, and monitor your exercise level so that it is sufficient without overdoing it, then you should begin losing weight. It might be slow because you have relatively little to lose, and because your BMI is probably low already. Don't compare yourself to those of us who have lots of weight to lose, because everyone at any weight will lose at their own rate.

Keep going, and you WILL succeed!!!..

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I have always been a slow loser and this journey has been NO different.

Sometimes I lose more other times less or nothing.

I have no trouble with the water..I eat my meals.....I don't exercise a whole lot..

I am in Austin too. If you want, you can call if you need a Medi-buddy to cheer you on!..

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Until this thread I thought the best thing I had ever bought for Medifast was my magic bullet. But, in reality the secdon best thing is my postal scale and a box of foil sheets from Costco.

I weigh everything now, pull out the sheet, get the cooked meet on and weigh it..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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