2nd time on Nutrisystem leads to weight gain?

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Hello Everyone,.

I successfully lost 52 pounds several years ago on NS. However, I regained those pounds, plus 10 more (ugh!); decided enough was enough; then, began the program again about a month ago..

Today, I find myself with twin 10# bears (and cute, I might add)!! I will have twins up to 50#..

For all of us back again, this time CAN be the charm. Here's to never having triplets!!.

If you are having trouble restarting, you can find support here!.

How are you doing?..

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Your question was: 2nd time on Nutrisystem leads to weight gain?.

Dee this is my round 2 as well! Great post. THIS time will be my LAST time. I will make sure of that! lol I'm same story as you. I hit my goal for the first time EVER in life, then kind of threw it all away over 2 years. SOOOO not letting that happen again. Let's get back to goal and STAY there! =D..

Comment #1

Welcome back, Dee! Like you, I've been off NS, off & on for the past year. I originally lost 72 lb.s I'll be back on Nutrisystem 100% as of Dec. 26th, as I need to get back into all those cute sz. 2s & 4s in my closet! Let's do this together! Kat D..

Comment #2

Welcome back. I've been on/off more times than I can count and I even made it to goal and beyond the first time. I know how/what to do, it's just the keeping at it.

Zenouba, I'll be back 100% after Christmas too. Let's all do it..

Comment #3

2nd time for me.

1st time went from 150 to 109. (08/08 - 04/09).

Now Im back to 141. Well actually I started last week, and Im down to 137.8 ... Im on my way to those size 4 jeans I just know it.

I went shopping today, and could barely get into a size 10, I look horrible, my belly is so round. I look 3 months pregnant...

When ever I feel the need to eat, I shall go shopping, and that will stop me in my tracks I hate being this way!!!!.

Slow and steady, though... slow and steady.

Im not going to rush anything. I'll not overeat Friday, but I will not sit in a corner feeling sorry for myself either.

Slow and steady I will see the pounds drop I know it...

Comment #4

Zenouba and Alice, I look forward to our journey together! What are your weight loss goals?..

Comment #5

Hello there Dee and welcome back!!!.

Keep us posted on how things are going for you!!!!..

Comment #6

I agree Anita! I plan to have a taste of the side dishes I want for Christmas dinner (with the exception of the desserts, dinner rolls, and my downfall, eggnog)..

Unfortunately, I look like I could give birth tomorrow...but at least I am going in the right direction. Next month, I will only look 7 months pregnant! YEAH!!..

Comment #7

Thanks, HorseLady! It is good to be back in the swing of things again...

Comment #8

I honestly am not setting a numerical weight loss goalthat will set me up for failure. I do weigh and watch the numbers, but if I set a numerical goal and don't make it, I feel like a failure and you know what that leads to. On the other hand, if I weigh and like the number, that can be just as bad. So, my goal is just to eat as close to 100% as possible and let the numbers fall where they may..

I learned one thing that has helped me in the past. Before I weigh myself I assess how I'm feelinghappy, sad, depressed, whateverthen I weigh. If I find myself being affected by what the number says then I immediately draw myself back to that original feeling. Sounds silly, but it workswhen I remember to do it.

My best success comes when I think of my health..

Comment #9

Nice to find you guys! I also am on for the second trip and personally claim 'five months along' on the pregnancy scale : ) My original loss was about 45 lbs, and as of today it is all back but a few lbs.

I feel like I learned so much about good eating and portion control and am disappointed by the gain. On the flip side I feel like I actually learned something from gaining it back, I have figured out that I don't feel as well , look as good or am as happy as when I'm eating well. I am doing it not just to be thinner but to be healthier FOR GOOD..

I've been eating pretty well over the last week but my food officially gets here today! I can't wait for the structure of Nutrisystem to begin; I am not officially starting until Saturday and I can't wait!.

Tomorrow for xmas I am bringing a veggie tray and green bean casserole which I plan to make as healthy as if there is a way to make french fried onions Nutrisystem friendly hehe..

Merry Christmas everyone!..

Comment #10

Good Morning, Ladies!.

It begins today! I am up .6 pounds, but it is truly the sodium (I didn't drink all of my water yesterday). I got up this morning and tried to work off the carbs that I had for dinner yesterday and I am back on plan. It feels good!.

Alice - I completely understand about setting goals and how it feels when you don't obtain them. I actually like your mindset with the scale. I make sure I smile when I weigh-in. Not only does it make me feel good, but it also makes me .2 pounds joke, so I stick with it!.

Melissa - I've learned some things, too. As I approached goal, I left the boards and stopped Nutrisystem cold-turkey without a clear cut plan on how to maintain. That definitely won't happen this time around because, like you, I just want to be healthy and feel better all around. So true about Christmas dinners, I was healthy as possible and only had a spoonful of each side dish. I even cooked collard greens without the ham hock, but used smoked turkey instead. It's the little things.

How did Christmas dinner go for everyone?..

Comment #11

Hi everyone! This is my second time back again. Three years ago I lost almost 60 pounds on NS, and gained every pound of it back. This is the only program that has ever worked for me, so I am determined. I would appreciate any and all support! ~Kathy..

Comment #12

Hi Kathy!.

Welcome back! We are here to support each other as we return to NS, accomplish our goals, and successfully maintain! Are you starting today? What are your goals?..

Comment #13

Did I forget to mention that I was really sluggish today?! Oh lethargy...It was my body's way of telling me that it couldn't tolerate the carb coma that I put it in!..

Comment #14

I began Nutrisystem a year and a half ago, August of 2008. After three months, I had lost over thirty pounds and felt the best about myself that I had in years! From 216lbs down to 184 pounds was such a HUGE difference-out of obesity to only 'overweight' thrilled me..

Then, around the holidays, the recession hit us, and I had to give up the plan. I thought I could keep up my exercise and healthy eating on my own, but alas, I have gained back 19 pounds in the past 13 months.

Now we are back in a good financial situation, and I am ready to order the food again this week! I am hopeful that I will be able to shed my remaining 60 pounds and never have to have food as an issue again after 2010...

Comment #15

Hi all - I'll be back on the bandwagon too - was 7 pounds from goal this time last year, and then I just got lazy - so lo and behold, I'm now about 20 pounds from goal. So time again for discipline and back to eating properly. I'm not updating my online numbers since I don't want to get duplicate bears - will be more than happy to collect my final 2 bears when I hit 40 pounds and then goal !!!!..

Comment #16

Good luck to all; you're certainly headed in the right direction!..

Comment #17

I have to say I wasn't too bad yesterday, but late at night I made myself TWO turkey sandwiches and loved them! I've been great today, on plan and only lacking in the water dept, hopefully I can get that in today..

I am poooooped though and want a nap, how is everyone doing on day one?..

Comment #18

Good Morning, All!.

I am off to do the Firm 500 Calorie Burn! Zenouba, Alice, Anita, Melissa, Kathy, Sara, and Kilbane check in! How did it go for you yesterday?..

Comment #19

Sorry Dee, I was hiding out today! We had hockey for the kids ALL day and now one of them has a stomache bug. I did sigh and think if I got it it would be good for a good 4 lb loss ( kidding!).

I did well yesterday but my brother had a party so I did eat a ' regular ' dinner. Since it's the second time I knew what I could and couldn't eat and pretty much stayed on plan except for a glass of wine.

Today I am 100% ! My family went out for breakfast and I had a cup of coffee and came home and ate NS. For dinner I did my usual, and cooked dinner for them and made my similar meal and had that. They had tacos and burritos, I had a Nutrisystem taco, with a wheat tortilla a huge salad with salsa and had saved a protein from earlier and had a bit of ff cheese and ff sour cream and a heaping tbsp of ff refried beans. Not too shabby!.

How did you do today Dee and the rest of you too?..

Comment #20

Hello all,.

I too am a repeat NS. I lost 56 lbs which put me in the low 190s 3 years ago. And was not losing anymore, but not gaining and then had the Hysterectomy and have not got my eating or doing my exercise under control since. Well, it will be 2 yrs in April so it is about time.

I have been half way doing Nutrisystem again for the last 6 months. That never works for me. Life events are always going to happen and I have to stop letting that get in the way of exercising and eating right..

Today I was 100% so am back on track. I had whole wheat cheerios w/ lowfat milk for breakfast, black beans and rice w/low fat cheese made into a huge salad for lunch and for dinner had the beef w/noodles, carrots and another salad. The food is fine....I just get sidetracked and want to eat what hubby is eating. And he will get his own food for himself while I do Nutrisystem so this is another excuse for me to eat off plan.

My goal is to do 21 days at 100%...on food and then exercise 4 x weekly over that same 3 weeks and then will see where my weight is at that point..

Thanks for starting this post. It is helpful to have people with similiar goals.

Happy NSing everyone...

Comment #21

My eating re-start day is actually tomorrow - spent today taking inventory of foods and add-ins, throwing stuff out and re-starting exercise. Tomorrow starts 100% - I have my yogurt and Nutrisystem granola ready !..

Comment #22

Great job on the 100% yesterday Tami! It can be so tough but so rewarding at the end of the day when you know you're on the way to a new you. Regarding the getting sidetracked when making husbands dinner, I always make something similar to what everyone else is eating. Last night was taco night and I had the Nutrisystem taco, if they eat lasagna I make Nutrisystem lasagna..etc etc. With all the options it makes it pretty easy to not stray when you want to be 100%.

I think 100% isn't always an option or a desire so go with what works for you. I think all of us second timers now know that if we want to be thin we need to be rigid in our choices but there's ALWAYS a little wiggle room right?.

Good luck with the sorting Kilbane! I sorted mine and the packing slip was correct but there were many substitutions from what I ordered! I wasn't going to call but decided to call...I wanted my pancakes! One of my favorite breakfasts was Pecan Pancakes in the morning with sf syrup! I used my dinner fat for the pecans and it was worth having it so early in the day..

Here's to another 100% day for us!.


P.S. I still haven't officially weighed myself.... I'm too skeeeeeered..

Comment #23

Well for me the holidays are over. I have no plans for NYE, so I don't foresee any other deviations. I actually lost 1.8 pounds for the week! How did that happen (but I will take it )??? It feels good to be back on plan and exercising for the long haul.

The Firm 500 Calorie Workout gives you a pretty good workout, increased heart rate, but her cueing is off. She starts the 4-count sequence on beat two, not one...very odd. She also transitions to fast. So, for anyone with any rhythm it is difficult to follow. I have to do the steps without looking at/listening to her..

Congratulations, Tami - one down, one to go (today)...take it one day at a time!.

Melissa - did they tell you that they were going to substitute? From the items that I selected, none were low inventory. Just wondering what they are low on. If they are low, however, I change it for the order because I don't eat beef and I don't want them substitute for any of those entrees.

BTW, get.on.the.scale. It can't be that bad!.

Good luck today, Kilbane! What do you do for exercise?.

Have a great day, 100%ers!..

Comment #24

Thanks !! I had 2 AD boxes in various states of use - for some reason, lots of the desserts are gone So it ends up I have about 5 or 6 weeks of full meals and another 2 weeks of other remaining - mainly dinners. I'll use them to fill in for lunch+protein combo to "catch up" for my next full AD order.

My fav breakfast has become yogurt+frozen blueberries+NS granola - easy to make, I flavor the yogurt myself - tastes great and is a good start to the day!.

I'm leaving my start weigh-in until Wednesday - I am hoping some "bulk" weight from over-indulging on carbs will have dissipated by then - at least that's what I'm hoping for !!!!!..

Comment #25

Thanks Day one has started ! Yesterday I went out for a 3-mile walk - fairly flat, no real hills or anything - but even with just that, my legs felt sore today. Amazing how quickly the leg strength can go away.

Even though I have some good gym equipment in my basement, I'm going to sign up with a local gym that has a 12-week program that's sort of Biggest-Loser-like. They take before and after pictures, body-fat measurements, and things like that. I find that I stick to the program a lot more when I am publicly accountable !! So with that, I am expecting the exercise to include running, elliptical, and weights - I'll just have to find the time to get to that gym, one way or another...

Comment #26

One of the reasons I went back on Nutrisystem is that 35+lbs weighs a lot, it was a chore getting to the top of the stairs sometimes! I could do it and make it appear to be no sweat running up them but I could feel my muscles straining with the extra weight..

Great job on the 3 miles Kilbane!..

Comment #27

Welcome back to Nutrisystem everyone!.

As you may remember, our community is great and offers a lot of help and support! Be sure to check out the different forums, such as General and the different Age Groups.

Questions? We are here to help too! Feel free to contact us at ..

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!!..

Comment #28

Me,too. Kept it off for 2 years then my husband retired is at home rather than traveling and he is ill. Gained 15-20 pounds with all that going on. How to control what's in the house when he is ill, loves sweets and salty snacks but is in total control of what he eats while I have little control when stuff is in the house..

How to manage - when he was only home weekends it was easier to keep a food clean house or is that a clean food house.


Comment #29

Welcome back Zelda, well, not welcome back because I bet we all wish we weren't here, but welcome to the gang!.

My husband has no control either, he plans to join me on Nutrisystem next week. He wants to wait until the new year, why wait I said but I think he's enjoying the end of an era..

One thing I wish I would've done for Christmas is bought some Cinnabons for xmas morning as one last hurrah. I love those stinkin' things!.

100% day here! How's everyone faring?.

P.S. I still am not getting on the scale.... next week maybe..

Comment #30

Zelda, welcome to the cabal!.

Melissa you are cracking me up! Repeat after me, "The scale is my friend!" I am glad that you didn't have the Cinnabuns because you would have recent memory of what they taste like when you try the Nutrisystem cinnabun...nice flavor, but definitely not Cinnabun! lol.

I am ending the day, 100% on task. I received my Select dessert package today. I am going to try the lime creamsicle, tonight! I got a new yoga video that I plan on trying, but not sure if it will get done tonight...

Comment #31

Hello Group,.

Another 100% day...weighed this morning and am up a lb. Not too bad overall and I figure once I get all the cold medicine out of my system that I will back down.

I also came home and did 45 minutes of the wii...did 10 minutes of strength training, 5 minutes of balance, and then 30 minutes of aerobics...whohoo.

The wii said I lost 3 lbs over Christmas...not very scientific I am afraid as I know what the scale says.

Take care all.


Comment #32

Awesome job on the Wii workout Tami! One time I helped my son in his video war game and seriously got an intense workout from that, like seriously I was pooped.

Sorry about your cold, nothing worse than the cold medicine hangover huh? Just changing the bad habits sometimes freaks out your body and you gain at first so hang in there!.

Dee, I am not getting on until next week.... I'll update you then sugar!.

Night all.....good luck tomorrow!..

Comment #33

Well Dee, I got on the scale. About 5 lbs more than I thought but hey what's 5 more added to the too many I have to lose?!? I guess I'll put it on my siggy....sigh 199.2, I don't think I even weighed that much when I was pregnant..

Okay depressing? Slightly..

Now aware that there's not a loose floorboard that's squeeking and it's my fat butt making them creak? For sure!.

Mad at myself for gaining all the 45+ that I lost last time? Definately..

Ready to shed this FOR GOOD? Absolutely!.

Seriously, I will never ever weigh this much again. Neva eva..... this is bunk...

Comment #34

Hang in there, Melissa.

None of us will ever gain this weight back.

It so does make a difference in our health. I had an asthma attack with this cold and had to go back on an inhaler. I have not had an asthma attack in over 4 years....the weight makes it harder to breath!!.

Have a great day all. We can all do this!!!..

Comment #35

We will do this together Melissa! We are at a similar weight. Please don't let it depress you because you are already working on it. So, feel it, then let it Since I like to find the silver lining in things, the great thing is that you have never weighed 200# and you never will!.

Tami, great job with Wii! You are well on your way to being free of your inhaler again! We can and ARE doing this!.

To a 100% day, ladies!.

Drink your water,.


Comment #36

Hope you have a 100% day too Dee. =).

*gulps water* lol..

Comment #37

How's it going everyone? I am 100 % today, need to get in some more water though..

Tried the chicken salad for lunch....not a fan...

Comment #38

I had Go Lean cereal and milk for breakfast, Chobani yogurt and dried cranberries for mid-morning snack (I space out breakfast), and am having cream of broccoli soup with additional broccoli for lunch (protein later). I have 4 glasses of water in so far....

BTW, I found Chobani at Sam's Club at a nice price, ~$11 for a box of 12 which is definitely cheaper than our grocery stores..

I plan to do some strength training and cardio today. What are your exercise plans for today?..

Comment #39

Thanks for the info about chobani, will check it out!.

No big excersise plans, I want to walk but it's freezing out. Not sure if I want to bundle up to do it and then have to avoid ice on the sidewalks...

Comment #40

Hello All,.

Did not get all my food in yet...missed afternoon snack. So dessert will be the pound cake, warm blueberries with a vanilla yogurt.

I did 30 minutes of the wii tonight. Two days in a row.

It is snowing again in Texas...2nd time in two weeks.

Take care all..


Comment #41

I swear you guys in TX are getting more snow than us in Michigan!!! Enjoy it Tami, I would!.

How is everyone doing today? Very quiet in here. Are you guys enjoying other boards on here, if so which ones? I've seen Dee whipping around here like an old pro!.

100 % day again for me....goooooooo us!..

Comment #42

Hey there Melissa!.

I am from Port Huron originally! I figured there could only be one Mt. Clemens !.

I have been 100% and it feels good. I had the reformulation of the cream of broccoli soup yesterday and I got nutritoots, only thing that has caused it so far. It was actually pretty bad because I had a workout with my trainer and instead of really being able to engage my abs, I spent the whole time clinching my butt cheeks. But I guess that was a workout, too!.

What day do you weigh in?..

Comment #43

Morning Dee!.

Yep I'm sure there is only one Mt. Clemens! Where are you at now? Hopefully somewhere warm...with lots of beaches...and margaritas, and pool boys! Sorry off on a tangent..

I got the stomach bug that the rest of my family had this week. I know even without all the fiber of Nutrisystem I am a cleansed out lady. There is nothing left in there. Thank god it was a fast one and am feeling MUCH better this morning. I was at the store picking up groceries when I started to feel it coming on. I told the cashier that my family had all been home with the stomach bug and I was just feeling it coming on and I was sorry but she should really wipe down that area when I left so she didn't get it.

My weigh in days are Tuesdays..

Have a 100% day everyone!.


Comment #44

I love that we are using this thread as our daily communication source! It is keeping me accountable!.

No such luck on the warm weather. Actually it is worse than Michigan. I am in Minnesota. YIKES! I hope that you feel better. I actually had a nauseous, sweating, dizzy spell (in that order) yesterday morning that subsided after about 1/2 hour of laying down. Still not sure what it was, but it is gone and for that I am glad.

Tami, where are you?.

Have a great day ladies and drink your water!..

Comment #45

Sorry.....I think the post is getting lost.

I have had a great week....100% so far and I don't intend to change that. I really have my mind made up that I am going to get this done. I weighed in this morning and am at 224 so lost 3 lbs for December and 1/2 way did it most of the time and other times ate a lot of bad stuff. Just imagine what might happen if I did the program for 30

We are supposed to get more snow tonight some....crazy...never seen this.

Anyway exercised 2 x this week.

We can do this. 2010 is the year to make it happen.

Happy new year all.


Comment #46

Hey there Tami! I ' subscribe' to the thead so if I don't see it I don't have to hunt for it. Right top of this thread is a ' thread tools' drop down, click it and there is a subscribe to the thread link to click. In the future if you're in the forums, top left is a 'user preferences' drop down , click that and about 1/2 way down is a link to click ' subscribed threads' or something of that nature, you can click it and it brings you right to this thread without having to hunt! I hope that helps and wasn't too confusing : ).

It's been nice having a few people to be accountable with! I might join a challenge soon to give myself a few goals. I came down with a brutal stomach bug that my family has been fighting and haven't been able to get all of the food in for a couple of days. Today I am up to a Nutrisystem pizza, blueberries and Nutrisystem oatmeal and a few glasses of water. I might try to eat a yougurt, or a Nutrisystem dessert later. The thought of fruit or veggies on their own is kind of grossing me out : ).

My husband and one son went to a party and my other son and I are still home recouping. He's had this bug off and on since Sunday night! I feel horrible for the poor kid....not fun..

Happy New Year, here's to a smaller and healthier year!.


Comment #47

Hi ladies (I think we are all ladies!). I've been remiss in posting, probably because I didn't go according to plans..

However, I have been exercising and I was almost 100% yesterday. So far today, doing good but it's not night yet! I was down 3.5 lbs as of this a.m. though.

Melissa, thanks for clue on the subscriber thread. I'll do that so I won't forget to check in daily..

Have a great NYE and lst day. I always look forward to a brand new slate..


Comment #48

That's how I have to find the thread, too!.

I am 100% today and have a salad left to eat. I am not doing anything special tonight, so no temptation. I worked out with the trainer today and am kind of sore. It is on to JM 30 Day Shed tomorrow..

I bought the select dessert package and have to say that the ice cream has an interesting diet/chemical taste and after taste. I am not fond of it, although I had really high hopes.

Have any of you had any of the other select packages?.

Did you get in all of your water? Hurry up so that you are not in the bathroom when the ball drops!.

Have a great NYE and make sure you check in tomorrow!..

Comment #49

Welcome back Gayle, I missed seeing that avatar of yours! Great job on the loss this week, and I just noticed your loss overall, fantastic job! I want to live vicariously through you, what did you eat that wasn't on plan? Personally I hope it was toast and peanut butter.....

Dee, I've wanted to try them but as some other posters stated, they can buy a decent version of all that frozen stuff MUCH cheaper. Lean Cusine and Healthy Choices and Lean Pockets are similar enough stats, and Weight Watchers ice cream is my substitute dessert when I want to splurge a bit, stats are close enought that I wouldn't feel bad eating it every night. I'd look around if you want some 'fresher' and better tasting frozen food..

I was just thinking the other day that I love everything Nutrisystem except for their dinners. I ate the pork wrap two nights ago...not a fan. Maybe on a bun it'll be better..


Comment #50

I will admit I have not yet been 100% this week, but I had my first session today with a personal trainer - and hole canole- OW !!!!! That whole "just do 10 more!" really kicked in to say the least - walking tomorrow will be quite a challenge, but will also get me on the 100% straight-n-narrow path - I do NOT want this pain again !.

Happy New Year to all !!..

Comment #51

I agree about the dinners. I don't eat beef, so it limits what I can eat. I usually get lots of pizza, veggie chili and some of the veggie pastas. I have ordered the new chicken penne alfredo. I hope that it is as good as everyone has been saying..

I have to doctor up the dinners, though. I add ground turkey to the veggie chili so that it can have some consistency and MEAT!! I really liked the chili from several years ago before they put the veggie protein globules in it. It was spicier, too. I also liked the mac and cheese better then. I mix ground turkey or tuna in it..

I didn't necessarily care for the wraps either. To me, the best of the three was the southwest style wrap and I only ordered 2..

That was a long-winded way of saying that I agree with you.

Kilbane, I feel you on the trainers! At least mine doesn't yell in my face like Jillian Michaels. If so, I would have to deck him!..

Comment #52

LOL !!! No, this guy, so far, is very nice - I'm just trying to ignore the fact that he is literally HALF my age !!!!! But as he warned, my abs are killing me today - legs are sore, but the abs are really letting me know they are not happy..

For the dinners, when you add in the ground turkey - do you count that as a protein saved from earlier in the day ?

Comment #53

Morning girls!.

I would love to have a personal trainer....let alone a man half my age! That would leave me with an 18 year old hottie, nice!.

I did get on the scale today and was pleased, 194.4 instead of the 199.2 that I saw on Tuesday. Yep I know it's all water and sodium but it sure does feel good seeing the scale move in the right direction. For someone who couldn't bring herself to get on the scale, twice this week is quite amazing..

I am up for another 100% day and my husbands start day is today also. He likes Nutrisystem but cheats frequently : ) Before I got up today he ate two cookies.... I'm sure he'll have a beer or two watching football today. Nothing worse that dieting with someone who only does it 1/2 of the time and still loses weight!.

Good luck today everyone!.


Comment #54

My trainer is young and gorgeous! Could that be the reason that I keep coming back?!.

I do use the ground turkey as my protein. I use 2 oz (with the formula of 100 calories, 3 grams fat and 7 grams of protein) for my serving. I also add ground turkey to the veggie fajita. It improves it so much. I actually didn't like the fajita before, but like it now with the substitution of chicken broth for the water and added turkey on FlatOut flatbread. Yum, I think I will have that for dinner today!.

Wow, Melissa you are kicking butt!!!! That's almost 5 pounds in 3 days!.

A 100% day and football. I doesn't get better than that!..

Comment #55

Don't forget Dee, I had that flu, so it's not a real loss only looks good on paper : ).

I'm not super fond of the veggie fajita but you sure do make it sound good, maybe I'll make that for dinner!.


Comment #56

Good Morning.

Sounds as if we're all into "it" again. I don't have a personal trainer either, Melissa, but I had a physical therapist for a while (surgery) and he was a killer..

Food was o.k. yesterdaya slight mishap last night (nothing exciting like peanut butter and toastI can't have pb in the house as I'll eat it right out of the jar). Down another lb from yesterday. Spent an hour at aqua-arthritis and had all my water and then some.

My ticker isn't exactly right but I'm not changing it. Had I stayed on track before I'd be in 1derland now. I should change it, but I won't until I get back to under the 201..

Have a healthy, happy day. Looks like the sun bright and shiny..

I can't try the frozen food because they won't ship it here. I don't mind it though because I don't care for frozen food as a rule. One of my favorite meals are the pizzasI load up with sauted veggies and they are so filling..

MelissaI just noticed your final goal on 6/29. That's very positive. Great..


Comment #57

Hello All,.

Thanks for the tips on finding the post....I subscribed to it so it should be easier.

I got the frozen foods when I first started back....many months ago. I decided I would not get them again. They made me hungrier...not sure why...probably just something in my brain and they were not really that great for the price..

Did well on food today. I switched lunch and dinner and had steak, blackeyed peas and steamed veggies with hubby at lunch. Did my exercise today also so am off to a good start.

I have lots of errands to run tomorrow so that always helps.

Gayle, I can't bring nuts into the house...peanut butter is fine, but a jar of nuts and I will eat them all. We all have triggers and sometimes it is just weird.

Take care all. And hope the first day of 2010 was good to everyone.


Comment #58

Oh and Melissa...great job on weight loss...even if it was the flu!!..

Comment #59

I'm starting tomorrow. The sad new is that I am a personal trainer - Pilates is my area. I teach mostly reformer but also trapeze table (cadillac), barrels and Wunda chair. You'd think I would practice what I preach. I exercise a lot but do need more cardio..

I hate starting over and have to convince my husband that the rules of good heatlthy eating are especially applicable when you are ill. Fewer carbs and sweets!.


Comment #60

Sorry I was MIA for a few days, y'all. DH & I enjoyed cosmos, a "last supper" at Bistro Casanova, with wine, & split a crepe l' orange dessert, New Years Eve, after which we cat-sat nervous Wink during all the neighborhood noise. I've inventoried the Nutrisystem box, that arrived Christmas eve, & I'm officially 100% on plan. I walked with DH for an hour, & I've already drank 64 oz. water, so I'm "P"ing & "tooting" New Years Day away! I've ordered lots of the new stuff, like the wraps, the breakfast double chocolate muffins, & the Nutrisystem version of M&Ms, & the coconut dessert, & plan to enjoy taste testing 'em. I haven't been able to afford the $35 private belly dance/ flamenco dance lessons I was really into, when I lost the original 72 lb.s, so I've just bought the entire Core Ryhthms DVD set, & my best gal pal, who needs to lose about as much weight as I need to relose, will join me in using them at least one of the 5-7 days a week that I plan to use them.

I promise to check in, here, at least once a week, & will, more likely, do so daily, 'cause I can use the encouragement, & I'll enjoy the company!.

I love that pirate costume! Nutrisystem removed my original "before" pictures from my profile, the last time they made improvements, & never put 'em back. I'll have to have DH take new ones, then post some cool, costumed, "afters", when the time comes. Meanwhile, maybe he'll help me post photos of the family, & Wink, so y'all can finally see us! Kat D..

Comment #61

Hi there everyone! Had a good day, passed up pizza today, didn't want to but did! I still don't think I'm back to normal, veggies and I aren't really getting along and normally they're my favorite part of the day!.

Thanks for the positive comments Gayle, I do lose fast if I stay 100% and hope to make goal by then. I've decided this trip around I am not going to be so stringent and will stray from plan and not feel so guilty. I think I gained it back because I really missed a bunch of foods without learning to eat them in moderation. One of my goals this time is to enjoy the ride while learning that all things might be okay in moderation as long as I go back to eating right. Not too long ago I ate chocolate eclairs right from the freezer, I need to learn to eat one or two of the minis and walk away.

Welcome back Zelda and Kat! I totally hear you on the getting back into fighting shap Kat, I so want to get back into a bikini this summer. Yes, I am 36 and probably shouldn't be in one, no I will not be tight and firm by then, but hopefully I will look okay from a safe distance away....1 or 2 hundred yards ought to do it....

I need to slam some water and eat my dessert and call it a day!.

Night girls!.


P.S. I changed my avatar to one on xmas day! My start point!..

Comment #62

Hey there, I hope everyone's having a great Saturday! We went to a museum today with the kids and now they're out playing pond hockey! Yeahhhhhh, I was able to get this house a bit more organized. It makes me CRAZY to not have it clean, and it seems like this last two weeks all I did was watch messes grow and try to clean them only to see another mess 3 minutes later, oh well I'm sure I'll miss it in a few years...or not!.

My stomach bug is still around, very upset stomach today! I did go off plan as I just can't stomach Nutrisystem foods too much right now : ( I had some French onion soup and 1/2 of a french dip sandwich... no, incase you're wondering, I refrained from completing the French trifecta with french fries. I do think I'll not be on plan for dinner either, as bad as that is to plan it even.

May I feel good enough to go back on plan tomorrow!.

Xoxo Melissa..

Comment #63

Hope you get to feeling better real soon, Melissa. Sure doesn't make house cleaning any easier but I'm with you about messes. I'm not the neatest person around, but clutter really drives me nuts..

I'm just back from grocery storegood food and some Skinny Cow ice cream to help me thru the dessert issueI'm out and won't have any for another couple of weeks. Now, if I can just keep my hands off them, except for my dessert!.

Water and exercise o.k..

Beautiful sunny day here today and I have an aqua arthritis class this afternoon. However, I kind of overdid it on the bike this a.m. and I'm a bit sore so may not go. In the meantime I'll continue to watch the NCIS marathon and start organizing my training material..

Zenoubalooks like you lucked out. We had both Obama and Limbaugh here and Pelosi is on the Big Island! The bright spotfor speedersis that the majority of the motorcycle police who normally do the ticketing are serving as escorts for the Pres! It's quite a procession. Guess it'll be over soon..

Comment #64

I have always laughed at my mom's bragging that she has gained and lost and gained over 1000 pounds in her life, but now I am afraid that I am on my way. I have lost with Nutrisystem (back when the packaging was bright yellow and you had to go to the center) and recently with Jenny Craig. I need this to be the final time. I really want my kids to have a healthy lifestyle and a mom who doesn't lumber around..

Unfortunately I see this as a bit punative and hope that I learn my lesson this time... Thats sad, I know...but it's day 0 (I ordered my food today)..

Comment #65

Round two for me, too! I've kept most of what I lost the first time off (just ten darn pounds found me!), but I never made it to my ultimate goal. So I am back to lost the ten and get to my new goal!.

Good luck, we both know it really does work!..

Comment #66

Welcome Zelda, Luvmy4Kids and Esmom! It is good to see you back, Gayle and Kat!.

Yesterday went very well! Great day for Big 10 football! Today, however, was a challenge with the food. We ran errands today and I just wasn't prepared for how long we were away from the house. I went more than 5 hours without eating. So, I am not sure if I will be able to get everything in. It is 8 and I haven't had dinner, 3 veggies, 2 fruit, the fat or the dessert...yikes! The moral of the story: it pays to be prepared or stop trying to do to much!.

I did get exercise in this morning, though and am fairing well with the water. At this point, I will take small victories where I can get them.

Did I mention that we had a HIGH of -2 today?! UGH!..

Comment #67

Hello All,.

Had a small mis-step yesterday. Hubby made a pizza and I had 2 slices.

Today was a new day and am 100%. Went to do the grocery game as hubby has to eat. I did stock on food items. So I walked 3 stores today for my exercise.

Take care all...I will weigh tomorrow and see how much damage the pizza made...

Comment #68

I am also back for a second time. Nice to find people in the same boat I am in. I am waiting for my box to arrive. 2010 is going to be a brighter year.


Comment #69

Welcome back Lisa and Hello Everyone!.

Today was so much better food-wise! I am waiting for my food to arrive tomorrow, so I have been following Nutrisystem guidelines for today.

I still need to exercise today, but I dropped a jar of jelly on my foot. OUCH!! It feels like I should have it surgically removed ! I think I will do some yoga..

Hope your day went well!..

Comment #70

I decided to change my picture and signature to be more realistic - the pirate will return once I am back at that weight ! If I even tried to put that corset on now, breathing would NOT be an option.

I signed up for the 12-week Transformation event at my local Gold's Gym, officially starts 1/14. I figure extremely public accountability should help keep me on track..

Comment #71

Hey group,.

Let's all make this week one of 100%. Even we have to eat out, let's make good choices that don't throw us off!!.

Down a lb this week so going in the right direction.

Hope everyone is ready for a great week in 2010...

Comment #72

Morning everyone!.

Love the kitty in your avatar Kilbane, and hopefully that pirate comes back soon! I love the public accountability, that's why whenever I decide to do something I don't really want to do I tell everyone...I am so stubborn and "Brie-ish" that I can't fail..

Do you all know what "Brie-ish" means? It's that obsession ( yes, I know it's and obsession) and charectar flaw that makes me want it all to be perfect all the time, and if it's not perfect I feel this overwhelming desire to pretend it is. Let me tell you how hard that is when you're fat....: ) Remember the post the other day about me needing my house cleaned up? Hehe, that is the Brie talking....

Anywho, I was a bad bad girl this weekend. I ate bad food but am ready to get back on the horse and lose some more lbs! Going to get in the Wii fit in a few minutes! I hear ya on the Pizza Tami, went there too this weekend, it wasn't worth going off plan for though..

Xoxo Melissa..

Comment #73

I hear you about the Brie (I've never heard that before). Of course, my mind went directly to the cheese!.

Had a set back yesterday but so far so good today. Every time I've startedtodayto eat something I shouldn't I've been able to stop myself. That's not always possible.

A new week. Yeah.


Comment #74

Hey Gayle, is a new day! Let's not worry about yesterday and focus on what we can do right now and today to stay on plan!.

Freezing and snowy here, I think I'm going to the mall today to walk it : ).

TC Melissa..

Comment #75

Hi ladies.. I would like to join your group as Tami #2! Love that there is a board full of people like me! I have struggled with my weight my whole life, I try to say that most of it is because I'm 4'8" and it doesnt take a lot to be overweight when you are that short, but the real deal is I LOVE Food! I lost 27 pounds my first time on Nutrisystem before I stopped cold turkey. I'm not sure how much I weigh now, but I do know that even my "fat" clothes dont fit! I am taking my husband on a cruise the first week of april, and would love to be down 20 + pounds, don't know if that is even possible. I started back on Nutrisystem yesterday and have been working out for about 3 weeks. My goal is 6 days in the gym and 100% NS. Thanks for the support team!.


Comment #76

Hi y'all!!.

I am a re-tread, too. I lost over 70lbs the first time and have put 50 back on. I haven't even changed my tickers yet, but I am back on program..

Now I see on TV someone lost weight eating Taco Bell foods. I saw in the fine print where they were eating 1250 calories a day and part of that was the TB stuff. Since their little cruncy tacos are 180 calories a piece, they sure didn't get to eat much. I think I will stick to NS, where I can eat a LOT of food for my calories..

It feels good to be back on the Nutrisystem plan. I think this time I will do things the Nutrisystem way, and actually do a maintenance program rather than just quitting cold turkey and ordering my old foods again. We live and we learn...

Comment #77

Good morning ladies! Welcome Tami and Wendy!.

My foot still hurts from dropping the jar of jelly on it, but I was still able to do yoga last night.

I received another BBB yesterday and had the penne chicken alfredo dinner. I was really excited about it with all of the board chatter. However, I was not very thrilled. I have to see how to doctor it up. BTW, I ordered EIGHT! UGH. I thought that since I really don't care for the dinners, in general, ordering 8 would be a good idea.

Today is definitely a new day:.

When I'm not afraid to fail, I won't. When I'm not afraid to fall down, falling down won't feel like failure. I have fallen down enough to get more comfortable with it, to know how productive it can be, how necessary it is to growth. Still, when I sense the ground beneath me giving way, I have to remind myself that it's OK if I falter. I have to remind myself that it's more than OK! ~ Jan Denise.

Have a great 100% day!..

Comment #78

Hello Everyone..

This is also my second time on NS. Back in 2007 I lost 30lbs, but then quit and tried other programs, WW, South Beach etc...Now I've gained 20+ pounds back, and find myself back up where I promised myself I would never get to again...over 200lbs. I joined Nutrisystem again yesterday, and am waiting for my food to arrive but was happy to see so many new food choices. Can anyone tell me what some of your favs are so I can give them a try..


Comment #79

Hey there Shapeshifter, tamitwo, and Wendy!.

As for my favs I love the new double chocolate muffin, glad the blueberry pancakes are back too! I also really like the lunch trail mix bar, tastes sinful and I think the new italian pizza isn't too bad. I'm having a rough time with the dinners this time around! I'm going to try the sloppy joe tonight and hope for the best!..

Comment #80

Oddly enough, that pic with the little lion cub was taken this last October in Cabo San Lucas of all places - an organization was raising $$ for an animal sanctuary, and I sure was OK paying some $$ to be able to hold and pet a lion cub !!.

I had my second personal training session today, focusing this time on upper-body work. I can tell already that tomorrow will hurt trying to pick up a cup of coffee ! Am still straying from the hard-core 100% NS, but so far, today has been good. My evil time is the evening when watching TV, but I can't see myself eating snax watching the new Biggest Loser tonight.

Keep up the great work everyone, and welcome to the new folk to the forum !..

Comment #81

Hello All,.

I always only order 1 of any of the new foods because you never know how good or how bad it is going to be!! I have not eaten the chicken will be this week though..

I just had the thin mint crisp bar and really liked it.

I had the southwestern chicken wrap was good. I tried the BBQ pork wrap this was edible, but won't order more.

I used to love the olf meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes so ordered 6 and then they reformulated it on that order so I have all of those....I can eat anything, just like some things better than others.

100% today...need to get up and exercise!!.

How is the Jillian 2010 wii game? I want to get you recommend it?.

Keep on going downward all!..

Comment #82

Morning gals, Tami, Tami2, Dee, Wendy, Kilbane, shapeshifter, Alice, and anyone else I forgot!.

Today I scheduled a massage....I am seriously in need of a good one. It's a new massuese so I'm hoping she's good AND knows to shhhhhhh. Nothing worse than a too chatty massuese!.

Ready for a 100% day again! I had the choco chip granola bar for breakfast and will drink my chocolate and banana shake on the way in a few minutes!.

We can do it!.

Chubby girls unite! (Is this inappropiate?).


Comment #83

Good Morning everyone....

100% the last two days.. I really like the meal trakcer on line. They did not have that the last time I was on NS. I ate everything yesterday and was still waaaayyyyy under calorie amount. I know enough about the program that if Im not getting the calories Im not going to loose so that scares me.

Finally sucked it up and got on the scale this am.. I am 7 pounds heavier than when I started the program last year. my BMI scares me, it puts me in the extremely obese catagory.

Going 100% today plus exercise which I havent missed a day since Monday on that either..

Lets do this ladies!! Stay focused! NOthing tastes as good as being healthy feels..

Comment #84

Good Morning Everyone.

Thanks for your input Tami & Melissa, I guess I'll have to give the new items a try, and only get one of everything......

Comment #85

Good morning all. This is where I belong..

I, too, lost 70 pounds back in 2006. Back then my goal was to reach my "Ideal Goal Weight". I never did quite reach it. Once I lost the 70 pounds I was getting very discouraged. To the point I finally gave up.

When I started I had this warped sense of what I should look like. At 70 pounds down, I was no where near there. My face was smaller, but not what I thought it should be. My stomach was gross. I had lost all this weight and the skin was starting to hang. I still had fat around my waist.

I was just barely getting there. I could wear a regular size 14 if they were stretchy material. My doctor had even told me that no matter how much I tried the skin would not go away without surgery. So I became depressed. I felt like I was working hard and getting nowhere.

Gradually I gave up. At first it was just 10 pounds gained. "No problem I can get them off." Then 15, before long I had gained it all back. I even decided that I was o.k. with that, and truthfully I am. I am happy with me..

This time I am here for health reasons. Over the last few months I have been feeling the early symptoms of Diabetes. My grandmother has it, and during my 3rd pregnancy I had gestational diabetes. My doctor then told me it was just a precursor to things to come. So I guess my body has finally had enough. I guess now I have to do something about it.

I have not been diagnosed with diabetes. I am hoping to avoid that one. I figure the only way to do it is to start watching what I eat. I have noticed that in the 2 days I have been on, I have not had any of those symptoms. I figure that is because I am eating the right things, not just whatever, whenever..

How do I know I won't fail this time? I don't. I do know that I learned a lot the first time. So this time I am better off than I was last time. I am armed with the knowledge to help me succeed..

Also, I don't have the "Ideal" image in my head anymore. When I reach goal, I am not going to be a barbie doll. In fact, I am still going to be overweight. I am going to be happy. This time I am going to be realistic!..

Comment #86

Good Morning, Everyone!.

30 minutes of yoga on the bad foot! I should be back to normal in no time. 100% yesterday. I had the thick crust pizza (with sauteed onions and green peppers, four pieces of turkey pepperoni) peppermint patty last night and it was divine!.

Tami - I ordered the thin mint bar and incorrectly filled it with a coconut almond bar. I hate coconut, so I am still waiting to try it. I don't have Wii, but I have been doing JM 30 day shred, which kicks my butt!.

Melissa - I like it! CGU! I need a massage, too. Have fun for me!.

Tami2 - you are so focused! Keep up the good work. Here's to another 100% day!.

Welcome ShapeShifter and Metamorphysis!.

Metamorphysis - I love your attitude! I think that it will serve you well!.

We can do this ladies...Drink your water!..

Comment #87

Dee, I didn't know you had a thread started...YAY!!!.


Comment #88

I just want to tell you how much your post means to meand probably a bunch of others. Why? Because you provide a REALISTIC picture of weight loss journeys for many of us here.

Please people, don't take this the wrong way. But I am so TIRED of seeing "weight loss success stories/ads" here, on TV, and in magazines, and NO ONE has the hanging skin (or will admit that they've had surgery to remove it).

I'm skeptical of course, b/c one of my best friends is a plastic surgeon, and like the poster here said, she said it's a medical fact that ANYone who loses significant amounts of weight WILL ALMOST ALWAYS HAVE HANGING SKINand it's NOT PRETTY. In fact, this was one of the biggest slaps in the face I got when I lost over 100 poundsI was NOT prepared for the hanging skin. For MANY of us here, the weight loss journey is not/will not be complete until the skin is removed. And for those who cannot afford it, they essentially trade one problem (the weight) for another (the skin).

I know, I know, I know. Some will jump on here and claim the skin doesn't bother them that much. Or claim that b/c of great "genetics" their skin "bounced back." (I don't buy it at all, given the physiology behind it). Great. Wonderful for them. But for some of us, it is VERY bothersome..

I also wish people here would admit that they used Nutrisystem TOGETHER with weight loss surgery. If they use bariatric surgery as a tool, I have absolutely no problems with that. But I do have a problem when the don't admit that they had the surgery, and give all of the credit to NS..

I'm with you....I lost over 100 pounds, and continue to regain/lose the same 30 pounds over and over. This time, I'm REALISTIC. Will I ever be a size 2? NOPE. Will a size 8-10 be as low as I can go? YEP. Will I ever make it in an Nutrisystem commercial or ad? NOPE. But does that make me less successful? NOPE..

Ok, vent over. I did 65 minutes on the eliptical this morning. I had a protein drink right after my workout, followed by oatmeal for breakfast. I've had half of my water for today.

It's a great day.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!! I'm behind you 100% (for whatever that's worth!)..

Comment #89

Second time here too, I gained back 10 and could see the writing on the wall. I knew I needed to come back. Last time I wasn't involved in any of the online support, from what I have read, it looks like I really missed out. Glad to be here!..

Comment #90

Hi everybody. I'm so glad I found this thread. I'm one of you!.

I lost 38 pounds in 2008 and got within 10 pounds of goal. Then the travel bug hit my husband and we have been on three cruises and two resort vacations in fifteen months. I've been eating Nutrisystem all this time, except while we are away, and 20 pounds have crept back on.

I've been completely miserable, my clothes don't fit, and my horse groans when she sees me coming. I've been 100% since 1/1/10 and have dropped five pounds. I know it's water weight, but it's a step in the right direction.

I'm going to Spain in February, to ride dressage horses. I don't want my weight to ruin this vacation for me! Riding is a lot more fun when your body is fit.

The picture below is way too big, and I plan to fix it today. I don't know what happened to the little picture I used to have. It went away on it's own a few days ago. Anyway, this is the way I looked ten pounds from goal. This time I want to get to goal and stay there.

Wish me luck..


Comment #91

Hi Joely!!.

Come back and visit often!! We can't wait to hear from you!..

Comment #92

Good morning everyone..

It's been a couple of days since I've been on, so welcome to all the newbies..

Wendy I love your "re-tread and the quotation from Dee is so right-on..

Sounds like we've got our heads on straight. I'll add my comments about loose skinit can be a problem and the only solution is surgery or accept it. At my age, I'd accept..

The best thing I've learned is not to pay that much attention to the scale. Just eat healthy and let your body do what it wants..

Now, that said, I still weigh daily ,but try not to let myself be affected by what the number is. BTW, 3 100% food days in a row. Yeah. Water, too. Exercise, nobusy (not really) but sore (overdid it the other day).


Comment #93

THIS. It is so true for me! Although I would like to recapture my pre-baby physique, since my "baby" is 6years old and I have lost 52 pounds and regained will not happen. I see as I am losing weight that the turgor of my skin isn't as elastic as once was, so there is no quickly bouncing back to normal. I have had to retrain my thoughts and change my expectations, which is a very healthy exercise..

AND THIS. Although I have added strength training, I am developing bat wings. There is no way possible that I will be able to work out my skin enough to have it spring back to life and somehow become taut next to my will definitely be the only way that can correct it. Time will not make it better as gravity will have something to say about it...

Comment #94

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