1st day on Medifast and im a little scared!!

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Today is my first day on Medifast and to be honest I'm really scared. Im kind of thinking "What did I get myself into?" Has anyone else had this feeling? I have 40lbs to loose and this was my last resort, but it's really scary to think that for the next 13weeks of my life I'm going to be roped into being on a very restricted diet. I love food...thats prob why I'm here...and the thought of not eating whhat I want kind of makes me hungrier. I want what I cant have even more than I did before. Am I alone on this? Please help!! I need some advice and success stories so I know this really works!!!..

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I am in the same boat-have 32 to loose and just not sure what I got into and already want to go off the plan....I like my snacks and a glass of wine every now and then and not sure when I loose weight and go off plan I just wont yoyo.....ugh..

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If you can hang tough through the first 3 to 5 days, it's amazing the difference. I felt the same way when I first started, till I weighed myself after the first day and had lost 3 lbs even knowing most of it was water I was amazed.

I was headachy, but didn't have any of the dizziness other had, my first 2 weeks was rough but once I got through that it's pretty much been an amazing journey..

Good Luck, hang tough follow the guidelines and look to others here for support and you will love this program...

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Welcome to MF! You have definitely made the right decision to do this for yourself. As for the "what did I get myself into" feeling- I had that for a minute at the beginning. The next 2 1/2 months are filled with holidays and my 25th birthday (and who hasn't used their birthday as an excuse to run wild to some degree?). But I keep thinking about the other times in the past that I wanted to lose weight and but just stopped. I thought: What if I had stuck to it then, wouldn't that have been awesome? wouldn't I be so freakin proud of myself right now? Plus every birthday that I thought about how the most awesome present ever would be a thin and healthy me. The key for me was starting to care about myself enough to decide to give myself that present this year.

What are your reasons for taking this step and doing MF? It really helps to take them seriously and even write them down. Some of my reasons are: taking away all the aches and pains from the extra weight, learning to treat myself with respect with both what I put in my body and my internal dialogue, having the confidence of being a healthy person, being able to run and backpack again (it's like I'm already wearing a 60 lb backpack, who can add 35lbs to that???), and frankly I hate the uncomfortable feeling of my stomach laying on my legs when I sit. As far as success there are so many great success stories on these posts! It helps to just give youself awhile to wade through them because the inspiration you get from them is awesome! If you want me to give you some names that would be fine too I'm just finished with day 5 and I won't be weighing in until the full week is up, but I have noticed a big difference in my face and my hips (I put my hand on my hip today and noticed that it wasn't so squishy ). It really does work and the lean and green meals are real normal food. I pretty much celebrate every time I eat them b/c they taste so normal.

They are very caring places to go. I wish you all the best and I'm here if you ever want to talk..

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I was terrified when I started. I think I was more afraid of failing than anything else. But, I did go through some sadness about having to give up foods that I really loved. But, you know what? It is SO WORTH IT!! Being healthy is so much better than that piece of cake or that burger and fries. It is very easy to say and very hard to do. BUT, you can do it.

How many of these people do you think LOVE food as much as you do? Probably most, if not all, of them!.

Don't worry about the next 13 weeks. Don't worry about the next week. Think about one day at a time. One minute at a time if you need to..

Have you ever heard the saying, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!".

Losing 40 pounds may seem like eating an elephant, but take it one pound at a time!!.


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I am the same feeling when I got the package yesterday. It's going to be hard, but we can get through this. I hear the first few days are the toughest like stated above, but in no time you won't be thinking about the foods you were eating before and have a different mindset...

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Deedee I'm sorry I didn't read through your post totally. We all have things we love, but for me, after a month on the program and 18 lbs, losing the weight became much more important. I've learned portion control, good foods to eat and surprising enough, the stuff I thought I loved and couldn't live without, is just food. It doesn' make me feel better when I"m down, nor does it unstress me all it did was make me fat.

You wanted a success story, there are tons here, this is mine..

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I have been on Medifast since August 26th of this year. Food has always been a comfort to me and a celebration of life. I was scared to death as well but I was ready to make a change in my life for the better. With alot of apprehension but totally determined, I made the commitment. I lost 18 lbs the 1st month and I am hoping to lose at least 10 lbs this 2nd month. I feel better than I have felt in a long time and I still have a long way to go.

I forgive myself if I slip and I get right back to my plan. I had a small piece of birthday cake on my birthday and I do have the occasional glass of wine. I have even had a couple of Michelob Ultras with my friends on the weekend during football. I do not feel like I am missing anything and I live my life. Instead of concentrating on the things I am giving up, I dwell on what I am gaining, self-control and a newfound respect for my body.

Medifast makes it easier for me because I work ridiculously long hours and have many other things going on in my life right now. The food is really quite good and the recipes that can be found on the discussion board give you alot of variety to keep you from getting bored with the food. I keep up with my calorie intake and watch the fat and carb counts. I try to walk everyday and I take a yoga & pilates class at work twice a week. I want my personal life to be as successful as my professional life has been.

I imagine that everyone feels the same feelings when they start the program. No one wants to feel restricted or left out during parties or celebrations. There is no need to feel that way. It just takes a little planning ahead so that you can stick as close to the plan as possible. Being totally on plan will give you optimum results, but indulging every now and again will not keep you from having the same success, it will just come a little slower. There are just so many success stories that you can feel assured that you will be successful as well..

Good luck to all of you who are new to the Medifast family. There is much support to be found here and when you need a little push in the right direction, there is always someone to lend a hand...

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I really don't know what to say except to give it a fair try. I know you feel roped right now, I did too at first. But, if you think about what your are giving up as far as health problems, maybe 13 weeks (or however long) doesn't seem like such a long time. There are plenty of things to eat and with 6 - 7 meals a day, you will be eating a lot! It feels like I eat all the time now. Come check out the boards and see if you find something that fits your style and try it out. It won't hurt to at least give it a fair trial, but if you don't you will never know how it will work for you! It is a great program, though!!!!..

Comment #8

I was Petrified! Good News, stay on plan, be less hungry and lose weight! I can't believe I have lost 85 plans in such a short amount of time, all because I have stayed on plan..

I could never stick to any plan for years! So, know you can do anything for a week, and look forward to less hunger and tons of energy!.

It's a wonderful program and truly works!.

IF "I" can do it! Anyone Can!.

Best of Luck to you all!.

YOU can do it!.


Comment #9

No matter what diet program you select, you will do best if you follow the program..

On Medifast, this is more important, if part of your goal is to be in ketosis. The benefits of ketosis include that your real, physical hunger is next to nil (there's still mind games, of course), and that you burn fat more quickly, and - because to be in ketosis, you are taking in a low number of calories, which helps you lose faster..

The problems with ketosis - it can take a few days to go into ketosis, and a headache along the way (and sometimes, a BAD headache), and can be very, very rough during that period - generally up to 5 days or so. Additionally, it takes some time for your body to adjust to the lower calories, and there can be some weakness because of this. (I call it 'wooziness' - it was generally when I stood, after not eating for awhile.).

Ketosis does NOT fix the mind games your game plays on you (well, it didn't for me.) There are certain foods I really want, and think about more than others. I could convince myself that I am hungry for them, with a little focus in that direction - so I try to NOT do that..

But - I've been on Medifast just over a year. Look at my ticker. (Top end is possibly low - I'd topped out my scale.).

Medifast Works..

Give it time. You are worth it...

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13 weeks are gonna pass whether you're on a restrictive diet or not.

Won't it be nice to be so much healther, happier, and THINNER at the end of that time?..

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Hi, I started in mid-July and I have over 100 pounds to lose. The first three days were really, really tough but, a few months later, I wanted to tell you that it gets better. Honestly, without being hokey, it does. I have been spending a lot of this time resetting myself with food.... It is sort of like a retreat or detox. :-).

And, while you have made a big change, it isn't, as I thought when I started, the "end" of my normal life. I have learned how to eat my lean and green at a resturaunt and how to travel with the program, so in a way, life gets really normal and routine again..

Keep going strong!!!..

Comment #12

It's really just a mind game. You tell yourself that something is bad or forbidden and you then begin to obsess about it. Lord knows I do. When I get a craving, instead of thinking, "NO! You cannot have that!" I think, "I'm doing really well this week and I don't want to ruin it. I'll wait to have "blank" until after I weigh in on Monday. It's only a few days away, I can wait that long." By giving myself permission to have it, should I decide I really want to, I've taken the obsession part away.

I like to say that changing what goes on inside your head is just as important as changing what you put into your mouth. Think about it. It's helped me lose over 90 lbs since June. (I don't change my ticker until my official weigh in on Monday)..

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You may be scared, but try thinking about it differently..

I've been on Medifast for three weeks and I specifically chose this program with my doctor because food has controlled my life, as it may control yours. I habitually and emotionally eat. Now if I habitually and emotionally drank, I would combat my alcoholism by going "dry" and avoid being around alcohol completely. Yet I can't NOT eat. I can however, minimize it's presence in my daily life as much as possible. Enter MF.

I make a shake quickly when I'm hungry and carry about my activities. I measure out my salad, weigh out my premade chicken and make my dressing with my measuring spoons. Simple, fast, done. Food is no longer something I think about- how many calories, how much fat, how many points, etc. Food is something that nourishes my body and nothing more.

I have to tell you I love the control *I* have over food. It is so empowering. I pass by the cake at the office. I pick up a piece of Halloween candy by habit and start to unwrap it- then it hits me I can't eat that and simply picked it up because I'm used to putting food in my mouth without thinking it through. Clearly separating the emotional dependence of food from the biological need of it has been so enlightening for me in these three weeks.

When I go into maintanence phase, I'll learn to bring more food back into my life. For now, I'm learning how to be in control. Do you constantly think about food? Does it control your actions on a daily basis? Use this time away from it and gain the control that will make you successful in the long run..

I wish you the greatest of success...

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I am in my first days of this new thing. I am fat and 80 believe that or not. I do not know if I am too old to go with out my eating all the time. I need lots of helpthat is why I am posting here...

Comment #15

One more quick question. Does anyone know how I can change the my plan to reflect the senior plan or do I have to manually imput the senior plan foods Thanks..

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I made fun of my brother 3 years ago when he went on this diet. At the time, I was on Weight Watchers and was quite successful at it (lost 30 lbs.). However, I now weigh what I did three years ago and my brother is still thin..

So, I started Medifast last Thursday and admit this is a tough diet. I am always hungry and am always thinking about tomorrow's lean and green meal as soon as I finish today's. I am, however, committed to this diet because I know it works and takes the lbs off fast. Not everyone can be successful on this diet because it is such a drastic change. If unsuccessful, I recommend Weight Watchers. It teaches you good eating habits, you just have to change your habits forever.

I have lost 5 lbs in the first 4 days and will stick with the diet until vacation in mid December. I will begin to transition before vacation because I am not drinking shakes while my family is enjoying the fine cuisine of San Diego..

The only recommendation I can make for those struggling is this...if my eating habits did not get me into this position to begin with, I would not have to suffer through this now. I deserve the pain to make up for the abuse I subjected my body to..

BTW, I had quadruple bypass surgery at 48 yrs. I am now 55 and should be nicer to my body so I can see my kids get married and have kids of their own. Medifast will help me get there. Be strong...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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